Pest managers looking to expand their service offering might want to consider adding heat treatments. 

Heat treatment is a super clean and increasingly popular non-toxic method of extermination for bed bugs, termites, moths, beetles, weevils, cockroaches, borers and other insect pests.

A single treatment is effective at exterminating every stage of insect life cycles including eggs, larvae and adult insects. Insects are unable to survive constant high temperatures of around 55- 65°C applied over one or several hours, so any small or large insect pests present inside of the treated environment will completely perish in the controlled high temperature environment. This includes the inside of wooden bed frames and cosmetic timber fascias.

With temperatures of 55-65°C sufficient to kill most viruses over a relatively short exposure time of 20-50 minutes, the use of heat treatment has the potential to have a sanitising benefit to an area. The treatment is also effective at eliminating odours and musty smells from rooms, furnishings, carpets and bedding within the treated environment.

Another benefit of heat treatment is that there is no ‘stand down’ period after treatment is completed. Because no toxic chemicals are used in the process, rooms can be reoccupied immediately after the treatment concludes.

Heatme offers a complete turn-key heating and monitoring equipment package. This includes professional training on how to correctly execute a heat treatment for optimal results. The training ensures all pest technicians can confidently set up and carry out targeted pest control treatments using heat.

The full heat treatment kit includes 3-phase power, transformers, heaters and monitoring equipment, all rigorously tested to meet EESS AUS and NZ electrical standards (including the Heatme BRCUp Pest Control Heater Unit, pictured above). The equipment is all designed and built to withstand many hours of operation in high temperature environments.

Heat treatments are ideal for pest managers with residential customers who are seeking an alternative, eco-friendly yet effective extermination solution. They are also excellent for hotels, holiday homes and other commercial premises, including boats and similar enclosed environments.

Pest managers who are looking to widen their service offering can find out more on the Pest IT website, the Australian distributor of the Heatme treatment kit.

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