Bayer’s Jim Westhead outlines the benefits of using waster-based Aqua-K-Othrine space spray against stored product pests.

Pest managers who target stored product pests will be pleased to know there is now an ‘environmentally friendly’ spray and fog alternative
to the existing oil-based formulations, or formulations diluted in hydrocarbon solvents.

Many of these older, oil-based formulations can pose a health risk because they often contain hydrocarbon solvents that are now regarded as potential or probable carcinogens, so any reduction of their use in public areas is a desirable goal.

Aqua-K-Othrine by Bayer has the lowest application rate of any currently registered, alternative space spray concentrate in Australia. It is also fully evaluated and recommended for use as a mosquito space-spray under the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme. More importantly, Aqua-K-Othrine is now registered for use for stored product pests such as beetles and moths, along with cockroaches, spiders, flies and mosquitoes.

This is ground-breaking technology, because it uses a water-base to treat environmentally sensitive situations. It can be used in wide range of outdoor and indoor situations including:

  • Warehouses, factories, industrial buildings
  • Food manufacturers and food stores
  • Grain handlers and grain silos
  • Abattoirs
  • Sports grounds, recreation areas and domestic residences.

Traditional spray and fog products spread hydrocarbons throughout the target areas, and many food manufacturers have been searching for a ‘greener’ effective product.

Aqua-K-Othrine has revolutionised these oil and solvent treatments by using a water-base that can remain active in the air for periods long enough to flush and kill stored product pests, yet uses less than 1% hydrocarbons to propel the product.

Bayer has developed a unique anti-evaporant technology, known as ‘FFAST’, which is the latest development for space sprays and fogging. ‘Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology’ ensures that as the spray droplets are formed, the anti-evaporant agent forms a protective skin around the droplets.

This process ensures that the droplets maintain their size and therefore efficiency, for much longer than standard formulations. They are comparable in efficacy to the oil-based and oil-diluted products, but with the added benefits of economy of use and less environmental contamination, compared to an oil-based spray or fog.

In summary, the three key benefits of Aqua K-Othrine are:

  • Very low application rate
  • Low impact on the environment
  • Dilute with water only.

The table below provides a comparison between Aqua-K-Othrine and traditional products, highlighting its ‘environmentally-friendly’ features.

Product Type

Formulation solvent content

Reliance on hydrocarbon solvents

Evaporation rate from spray droplets

Flammability (of formulation)

Environmental profile

Aqua-K-Othrine with FFAST

Low ✓

Lowest ✓

Slow ✓

Low ✓

Best ✓

Oil-based and oil-diluted

High 𐄂

Highest 𐄂

Slow ✓

High 𐄂

Worst 𐄂

Oil-based and water-diluted

High 𐄂

Medium 𐄂

High 𐄂

High 𐄂

Middle 𐄂

Jim Westhead, Territory Sales Manager, Bayer Environmental Science

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