The Storgard range of products offers pest managers a quick and easy solution for monitoring stored product pests, including beetles and moths.


With modern regulatory auditing schemes in food management facilities often mandating prevention-based IPM programs, professional-level monitoring systems to detect food-infesting insects are an essential tool for pest managers.

The Storgard Quick-Change Ultra-Combi Dome Trap system from Trece (pictured above) contains innovative pheromone and kairomone ingredients needed to attract and monitor a wide range of stored product pests. This includes confused and red our beetles, cigarette beetles, khapra and warehouse beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles and 25 other stored product beetles. A new kairomone lure has been added to the trap to complement the existing oil-based kairomone lure, which broadens the attractiveness spectrum.

The Storgard Quick-Change Ultra-Combi Moth and Beetle Adhesive-based Trap system has been carefully tuned to manage and control the release of each pheromone and kairomone compound insuring optimised, predictable insect capture.

Storgard Quick-Change Ultra-Combi Moth and Beetle Adhesive-based Trap

Both these systems – the pheromone traps and adhesive- based monitoring systems – deliver precision targeting of key insects, while providing broad spectrum capture of less evident, but important, insects. These systems allow optimum flexibility to install, maintain and service, while offering Long-Life L2 broad spectrum attraction.

The Storgard Quick-Change product range gives pest managers the information they require on pest presence and infestation levels in order to implement appropriate prevention-based IPM at their clients’ premises.

Storgard products are available through Globe Pest Solutions.

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