Introducing ServSuite, a cloud based software solutions especially design and developed for the pest control industry, to deliver a range of benefits and efficiencies for pest control companies.

ServSuite is an enterprise, cloud-based software solution especially designed and developed for the pest control industry. Headquartered in Ohio, USA, we have been providing comprehensive technology for the pest control industry for over 25 years.

ServSuite automates everyday tasks such as scheduling, service routes, reporting, and much more. As an innovative company, we always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to designing purpose-built features for the pest management industry’s changing needs. We approach the design of our solutions with one simple question in mind: how can we help our customers save time and money with ServSuite?

Trusted by companies of all sizes across the USA and globally, ServSuite has over 50,000 users worldwide. In Australia, we are optimising the operations of Rentokil and many other pest control companies across the country. As the pest management industry evolves so must its processes, and ServSuite works closely with industry experts to develop solutions that boost growth. Agility in the field is key, which is why we developed the ServSuite Mobile App, enabling technicians to operate paperlessly in the field, completing tasks with a few clicks. For example, ServSuite provides a range of forms and functions to ensure risk assessments are carried out in the safest, most efficient way possible. From taking signatures to getting real-time schedule updates, our Mobile App promotes business growth by streamlining your operations.

ServSuite streamlines scheduling and payment processes

We also understand the importance of seamless credit card and cheque processing. Our Integrated Payment Processing function allows pest managers to take customer payments on the spot in a quicker, greener and more secure way than ever before. By storing payment details for recurring charges, pest control businesses save time and money managing invoice distribution each month.

Back at the office, organising technicians’ schedules is a time-consuming task that is costing pest control businesses thousands of dollars each year. Using powerful algorithms, ServSuite organises technicians’ schedules easily. The ServSuite Intelligent Routing module automates and optimises schedules and service routes, freeing up time for other important tasks.

Keeping employees and vehicles safe is a priority for any pest control business. With the ServSuite GPS Vehicle Tracking feature, you can set your GPS black box to give real-time updates on your fleet at a set interval that works for you. This allows for easy tracking of important aspects of driver behaviour such as speed and seat belt usage. It could even lead to savings on insurance premiums.

The ServSuite Intelligent Routing module automates and optimises technicians’ driving routes

A successful pest control business relies on having clear, strong branding. ServSuite Smart Branding provides your business with custom-designed, unique marketing materials to make your business stand out from the crowd and boost your sales.

Many customers like having access to their information and service history. Allowing your customers to stay on top of their services through the ServSuite E-Connect Customer Web Portal not only saves you time but also helps grow customers’ confidence in using your services. They can view all their important information including scheduled services and past payments. Giving your customers quick access to their account information gives any pest control company a competitive advantage.

Our functions are seamlessly integrated to allow businesses to run at maximum efficiency. We firmly believe that the future is paperless; with digital quotes, not only do you save on printing costs but you also create a digital environment in which quotes and contracts are much easier to manage. ServSales, a complete sales cycle management tool, then allows you to automate each step of the sales process. Visits, callbacks, and customer history are all in one place, allowing you to manage everything easily.

Whatever the size of your business, ServSuite is built for growth, offering a complete solution for your pest control business.

Andy Deering, CEO, ServSuite

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