The team at Temisoft outlines the benefits of using a cloud-based business software such as ServicePRO-OnLine.

Temisoft, a leading provider of cloud based and mobility software in Australia has a suite of pest management applications ready for you to ‘test drive’. Whether you specialise in domestic or commercial pest management, you will find immediate benefits in ServicePRO-OnLine.

Pest management is a complex business, and finding the right software to do the right job can be a complex decision. ServicePRO-OnLine has been used by pest management firms for over 15 years, and has been used as a cloud-based system over the last eight years.

ServicePRO-OnLine offers pest managers applications for scheduling of jobs, dispatching jobs to technicians in the field, reminder letters, contract management for your recurring commercial work, and a complete set of inspection report designer and inspection report writer.

The inspection report designer can be used to design Termite Inspection Reports, Pre Purchase Inspection Reports and Risk Assessment Reports, for example. The inspection report has the capability of taking photos, annotating photos, creating site plans and creating the report with all the photos automatically inserted.

ServicePRO-OnLine also offers a suite of products to commercial pest management. Commercial pest management businesses are specialised and need very specific modules to run their business. ServicePRO-OnLine offers all the standard modules – plus a few more.

Every commercial pest management business will need service contracts to schedule many different types of services and frequencies. In commercial pest management bar coding is also very useful for customers. Bar coding will produce activity reports and trend analysis that customers will require to give to auditors.

A Customer Access System is also available to offer to your customers. The Customer Access System allows you to build and brand a portal with all your offerings, and you can give your customer access to it so they are able to access different types of documents. The documents could be Insurance Certificates, MSDS, Site Plans or Activity Reports, etc. The Customer Access System also allows you to generate Bar Code Activity Reports and Trend Analysis.

ServicePRO-OnLine offers a full set of mobile products for Inspection Reports and Bar Coding. The mobile applications are customer written applications on both the Android and Apple iOS platform. The apps are customer written and are capable of working on each device, with or without internet connection. If it is working without internet connection, it will download the completed jobs once internet connection has been established.

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