Channel Seven News has featured the free app Termite Register, explaining how it can help inform homeowners about termite activity in their area. 

It’s been just over six months since the launch of Termite Register and a lot has happened since then.

Termite Register is a free platform for property owners that provides them with automated alerts when active termites have been found in the surrounding area. Arron Vilinskis, executive director at Infestation Tracking Systems Pty Ltd, always believed there would be great interest in such a tool, and with the keen media interest and rapid uptake by the public, his belief has been vindicated.

Channel Seven showed an initial interest in Adelaide, asking Termite Register to record a segment for their nightly news, which involved several pest companies sharing their termite knowledge. The response from viewers exceeded expectations. There was a direct correlation between numbers of app downloads and known hotspot areas, showing at least some homeowners are concerned and aware of the risk termites pose.

Channel Seven also received a great viewer response and recognised the potential for nationwide interest, immediately running similar stories in both Victoria and New South Wales. Channel Seven continue to be closely involved with Termite Register and have requested regular hotspot reports on termite activity to be used in termite news segments across the country.

Immediate app downloads in Melbourne after Channel Seven news article

“With this initial and continuing media interest from Channel Seven, now’s the time for pest management companies to sign up to Termite Register,” said Mr Vilinskis.

Pest companies that are signed up to Termite Register enter the details of properties where they find active termites during inspection. Once the details are entered, an alert is sent to registered homeowners in the surrounding area along with details of the pest company. The property owners can then call the pest company to book an inspection.

“Termite Register will raise termite awareness in homeowners and help them protect their home. Importantly for the pest industry, it will drive growth and those companies signed up to Termite Register will benefit most,” continued Mr Vilinskis. “The more companies that sign up, the more data becomes available, making the app more powerful and generating even more business.

“The use of data from Termite Register will be key in getting all Melbourne shires termite declared, giving a boost to both pre-construction and termite inspection markets.

“The recent Rapids Solution Conference was a great opportunity to touch base with pest managers from across Australia. Being a new technology there are always questions, but the feedback was highly encouraging and there was a large amount of excitement about the possibilities.”

Latest hot spots map of NSW shown by Channel Seven

“The various features included in Termite Register continue to develop, at least in part through feedback from users. We are excited to announce the web app version is soon to be released, with new features that include shire statistics, high volume areas and lots more. We are also looking at integrating Termite Register into various reporting systems,” concluded Mr Vilinskis.