Using a business software that combines compliant reporting functionality with GPS tracking capability is a sure way to keep operating with maximum efficiency during the peak season. 

The summer months are great for business. However, peak season is not without its challenges. Staying on top of site visits, paperwork, and managing your staff can be challenging as service requests pile in. Reducing inefficiencies and the scope for human error is crucial if you want to succeed this summer. The good news is that you can take a few key steps to ensure your business is ready for growth this season.

Start by identifying any inefficiencies that might be holding your business back. Boosting efficiency is an essential part of achieving scalability.

Look at your paperwork. Keeping accurate records of inspections and site visits is vital for maintaining customer satisfaction and compliance with regulations. However, when the documents are not digitised, this can lead to costly errors and reduced revenue. The primary way to overcome this challenge is to use pest management software. Industry-specific technology will allow your team to work more efficiently by logging photographs and observations about a property’s condition with a mobile device. Also, it will help your business give customers a more professional impression of your services.

There is truth in the adage that you are only as strong as your weakest link. As demand for your services increases during the warmer months, you must guarantee that your team is prepped and trained to bring their A game.

Unfortunately, hoping your team will practice the diligence you expect is not always enough. Implementing a solution such as ServSuite by FieldRoutes can help you keep tabs on your technicians and vehicles by giving you visibility on their location and progress throughout the day. Not only can tools such as GPS help keep your team accountable, they can also help boost productivity by giving you a way to track the headway made during the day and thereby introduce performance incentives. Having precise data to rely on when measuring performance helps create a more efficient working environment for the whole team and stimulates healthy competition.

Fuel prices and other overheads may be increasing, but that does not mean your bottom line needs to suffer. Take planning service routes as an example. The time your technicians spend on the road is, in effect, idle time. Fortunately, you can easily make all your technicians’ routes as productive and efficient as possible by optimising service routes with just a few clicks of a button. Manually planning routes can be laborious, whereas using software to automate the best routes ensures both efficiency and productivity while saving your office staff time and reducing the scope for human error.

Update your software and stay ahead of the game this summer. You can book a free consultation with ServSuite by FieldRoutes to learn more about the features that can help you make the most of peak season and build growth.

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