Andy Deering, CEO of ServSuite, explains why regularly keeping in touch with your customers during the pandemic can pay dividends.


Covid-19 has prompted profound changes in the way pest management businesses operate. Practising and being seen to practise social distancing is key to running a successful operation during the pandemic, to both safeguard your employees and also to build trust with your customers. ServSuite software has created a series of articles aimed at helping your business use technology to successfully navigate the challenges our industry faces during Covid-19 – to learn how to mobilise contactless, socially distanced operations, ensuring sustainable growth throughout the pandemic. Here, we take a look at how technology can be used to stay connected with customers.

The way we communicate with customers is changing. As providers of essential pest management services, pest managers need to ensure seamless communication in order to maintain productivity throughout 2021. Choosing a pest control software that allows you not only to stay in touch but also to automate communication with your customers is invaluable. Certainly, this was true before the pandemic and even more so now. Ask yourself: how will your business manage the trials and tribulations of socially distanced communication throughout the year ahead? There are many ways to stay connected despite being physically distanced.

When customers call or email to enquire about their service history or future appointments, it consumes valuable office staff time. However, by using a software solution like ServSuite, not only can your customers pay their bills and request services online, but also manage all key aspects of their account. Not only does leveraging technology in this way enhance your customers’ experience but it also offloads tasks from office staff. Customers feel in control of their account and service history when they can access it in just a few clicks. With ServSuite you can set your customers up with a client web portal. This means they can view their entire service history and confirm payments all from the safety of their own home. Thus staying connected with your business at a distance!

With changes to schedules becoming part of daily life it can be difficult for customers to keep track of their appointments. While pest managers are used to adapting their schedules to suit last-minute changes, this can be a time-consuming task nonetheless. Automated appointment reminders for services are useful for keeping your customers informed and minimising the possibility of missed services. In the context of the current pandemic, leveraging text and voice appointment reminders is also an important way to keep customers in the loop in the safest way possible. ServSuite allows you to send notifications and receive confirmations for appointments for upcoming services.

There are many uncertainties ahead, but communication needn’t be one of them. Harness the power of pest management software to ensure that you stay connected to stay productive. As motivational leader Paul J. Meyer once said, “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”


Andy Deering, CEO, ServSuite

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