ServicePRO-PestAPP software is has been designed for pest managers, allowing them to streamline their business operations, particularly in the field of termite management.

Detailed and compliant documentation in termite management activities is essential. Comprehensive reports are not only required to deliver professional services, but in this increasingly litigious world, they can literally save your business. ServicePRO-PestAPP from Temisoft has developed functionality and features to meet the specific needs of termite professionals.

Pre-purchase timber pest inspection and termite inspection reports are important commercial and legal documents. The wording used must be unambiguous and needs to meet the requirements outlined by insurance companies. ServicePRO-PestAPP software includes pre-installed templates that can be modified as required (insurance company approval is strongly recommended). With click boxes and dropdowns used whenever possible, inspectors simply follow the report as they complete their inspection to ensure all elements of the inspection have been assessed.

Photographs are essential for communicating issues to your clients, but also provide a very important record from a legal point of view. Insurance companies want you to take as many photos as possible! To make this simple, ServicePRO-PestAPP allows you to take photographs from within the app and they can be easily annotated with notes, shapes or one of 300 icons. Photos are easily captured and attached to the relevant location in the report, without the need to jump in and out of the app.

The sitemap functionality is proving a hit with termite professionals. Sitemaps can be either uploaded or created within the app. For pre-construction installations it creates a map of the protected areas and along with photos provides an important record to protect against builder alterations and compromised installations that may occur after you have left the site. For inspection reports, locations of interest can be numbered on the map and referenced in the report, but for termite treatments the site maps are used to map out the areas of termite activity. These activity reports can be updated for each visit so a history of the activity and subsequent elimination can be recorded. For termite monitoring and baiting treatments these activity reports are an essential record. The process of recording bait station activity can be enhanced by using the barcode module.

The use of the barcoding module allows for quick identification of bait stations/locations to allow data to be recorded quickly and linked to the location number in the activity report. It also provides both customers and employers with confirmation that the service has been completed. The recording of a timestamp and GPS location adds to the accuracy of the service activity. By recording the activity level for each location, an activity heat map can be superimposed on the site map, providing the technician and customer with useful information about termite activity patterns and hotspots. The activity report can also be used to record the replacement of components, amount of bait used and other relevant information.

Whilst using the App, you can record the chemicals or materials used and note all the relevant information. This information can then be easily filed with the job and retrieved when required or emailed with the service report to the customer.

Time is money, so the ability to complete reports quickly, yet thoroughly, creates significant efficiencies. Reports can also be emailed directly to clients after the inspection or service visit if desired.

As ServicePRO-PestAPP is an integrated solution, invoices can be sent to the customer at the same time, without the need to re-enter all the information in another software system.

Shane Warner, owner at CA Pest Controller in Rockhampton, has been using the Temisoft software for nearly 15 years and has experienced the continuous upgrades to functionality and usability. “We do all our reports online as we move to being a paperless business,” he commented. “We use our insurer’s report template and our technicians add photos and complete the reports on site. This saves time and reduces errors. They can either send them directly to the client or back to the office.”

Where pest management companies tend to lose customers, and therefore revenue, is in forgetting to remind customers that their annual termite inspections are due. ServicePRO-PestApp has a built-in automated reminder system. The dashboard gadget on the desktop notifies you that reminders are due to be sent, which can be sent using email, SMS or other conventional methods.

With a native app available for both Apple and Android users, all pest managers can access ServicePRO-PestAPP and complete reports even when signal is lost, making it a reliable software partner for termite professionals.

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