ServicePRO-PestApp gives pest managers the tools they need to win and keep commercial pest control contracts. 

An efficiently run business helps ensure current business is profitable and a professionally run business gives you the best chance of capturing new business, especially when it comes to commercial pest control. The new improved ServicePRO-PestApp from Temisoft is the business software that helps build an efficient and professional pest control business.

Winning commercial pest control contracts, especially bigger contracts, has often been the domain of the larger pest control companies. Partly this is due to their resources, but also because commercial customers require high quality documentation for compliance, and they often feel only the large pest control companies can deliver this. However, by harnessing the functionality of ServicePRO-PestApp, small pest control companies can now present themselves as a highly professional alternative and deliver on all the requirements of a commercial pest control contract.

For commercial contracts it’s not only about delivering on the pest control requirements, but also demonstrating compliance with a comprehensive reporting system. For commercial customers, the expectations are for detailed reports and a customer access portal to view the reports and service history. Recent upgrades to ServicePROPestApp ensures it delivers on these key requirements.

The latest upgrade has also allowed ServicePRO-PestApp to harness the latest technology to provide state of the art site map abilities, drawing tools and camera integrations. Site plans are vital for commercial pest servicing, as well as pre- and post-construction termite work.

Site plans can be uploaded to ServicePRO-PestApp or created from scratch. The site plan can then be edited to capture service information – adding locations of bait stations or indeed any relevant pest or service information. Locations are numbered on the site map to allow identification in the activity report. Each time the site map is changed, it is saved as a revision and attached to the relevant service report, so a service history is preserved.

For commercial accounts, utilising the barcoding module (pictured above) to capture additional information at these locations can have multiple benefits. Firstly, it allows for quick identification of bait stations/locations to allow data to be recorded quickly and linked to the location number in the activity report. By recording the activity level for each location, an activity heat map can be superimposed on the site map, providing the technician and customer with useful information about pest activity patterns and hotspots.

Secondly, it also confirms for both employers and customers that the service has been completed. The recording of a timestamp and GPS location adds to the accuracy of the service activity.

As well as recording activity, the activity report can capture material usage, batch number and more – vital information, especially in HACCP accounts. With a service report also available within the app, it is quick and easy to capture other relevant IPM observations, such as hygiene issues. Photos are taken from within the app by clicking on the camera icon next to the relevant section in the report. With the ability to annotate photos with notes and shapes, and a library of nearly 300 icons available to insert, the photos provide strong support for the report findings. The photos are automatically inserted at the relevant place in the report.

As well as receiving the emailed report directly after a service, the customer access system allows clients to access all their reports and site information 24/7. You can upload any relevant additional information, such as insurance documents and safety data sheets.

“The report system contains templates for all the standard report formats. However, it’s easy enough to adapt them to meet your or your customer’s requirements. For example, some commercial and industrial customers, such as mines, will require reports in a specific format,” commented Kevork Temisgian, managing director, Temisoft.

Although the report format is fixed, modification to the wording or the addition of new choices in tick boxes is all customisable to meet your needs. This is addressed during the comprehensive onboarding process.

“For all of our customers, we provide a dedicated onboarding support person to understand your needs and make sure the system is configured to meet your requirements from day one. With Australian-based support staff, help is only a phone or video call away,” added Mr Temisgian.

“We believe ServicePRO-PestApp is now the complete business management software package for pest control companies. The integration of all these tools into one software package makes job management easy and of course saves money as there is no need for multiple subscriptions. However, the big cost saving comes from the efficiencies and time saving in actually using the software.

“But the real benefit is in using ServicePRO-PestApp as a sales tool to drive business growth – it allows any pest control company to be more professional and look more professional – which is key to winning those lucrative commercial pest control contracts.”

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