Nexus Service Manager is a cloud-based business software that’s been specially designed for Australian pest management businesses. 

Managing a company isn’t as simple as just providing the services that you offer. There’s a lot of time-consuming work that happens behind the scenes to keep a service business running successfully. Coordinating jobs, staff and reporting all needs to happen efficiently and quickly to maximise profitability. Using a cloud-based software specially designed for field service companies makes this easily achievable through automation.

Nexus Service Manager is a 100% Australian-owned, supported, and developed software designed for pest management businesses. The easy-to-use, cloud-based software minimises backend tasks by managing, coordinating, and streamlining business processes. Our customers typically find that around four out of five everyday office tasks can be automated, across the whole process from quoting to invoicing. These functions – such as sending emails, following up on payments, and booking repeat appointments – can be configured to run once a day or week, at a selected time. They run in the background, freeing up staff to manage other tasks. By offloading some of the mundane tasks of running a field service business, you will improve efficiency, boost field technician output, and increase revenue. The software can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, whether in the office, at home, or on a job site, allowing for great flexibility in its use.


Nexus Service Manager makes it easy to
generate clear, colour-coded job schedules


By integrating and centralising all business information, it enables more efficient data storage and reporting. Nexus Service Manager can help you manage day-to-day activities, quoting, invoicing, data gathering and storage, and can be used as a customer and staff database.

The original design of Nexus Service Manager was based on the needs of a small number of pest control firms in 2008. From the beginning, Nexus Service Manager was developed to be a cloud-based system, even before many organisations were aware of the term ‘cloud software’. This meant users did not need to install any software on their computers; they simply opened their web browser and connected.

Although software critics first scoffed at the notion of a database system accessible via a web browser hosted in the cloud, today, it is widely accepted as cutting-edge technology that encourages scalability, digital transformation, and the move to a greener, paperless office. Over the last 13 years, Nexus Service Manager has grown and continues to evolve. With the release of Version 5, Nexus Service Manager offers numerous automated features that have benefited pest management companies.

Here are just a few ways Nexus Service Manager is automating businesses and boosting productivity:

Integration with MYOB, Xero, and Reckon

Nexus Service Manager is compatible with accounting software such as MYOB, Xero, and Reckon. By minimising the amount of data entered, your company may save both time and money. You don’t have to worry about keeping your accounting system up to date because invoices and receipts are transmitted in real time or hourly syncs.

Reporting on mobile devices

Technicians working on site can produce service reports that are immediately accessible in the office and can be forwarded to customers.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

You can automatically turn quotes into jobs, which subsequently flow into bills and receipts, therefore streamlining the entire business workflow.

Approval of quotes online

From directly within Nexus Service Manager, you can send estimates to clients, along with a link that allows them to view and approve the quote immediately.

Mobile invoicing

Technicians can generate the invoice once the job is completed. The mobile app can then email the PDF invoice to the customer or display a QR code for the customer to pay online using their own mobile phone.

Payment of invoices online

Customers can pay your invoice online with a credit card if you send them an email invoice with a ‘pay now‘ link.

Customer Portal Module

Customers in the digital age expect a digital-first experience. The customer portal is designed for companies that want to give their customers the next level of customer service. It allows your customers to view quotes, past jobs, future jobs, invoices and customer files and reports within a secure online portal.

Easy renewals

The renewal report allows you to see which services are due for renewal and create renewal letters to print out, email or SMS directly from the report.

For businesses today, a digital transformation journey is required to keep up with customer expectations and beat out the competition. The team at Nexus Managed Services can help you to get started with automating your business processes today.


Nicholas Vella, Manager, Nexus Digital Technology

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