Choosing the right business software can greatly benefit a pest management business, especially one that partakes in termite management work.

A recent report by the Australian Institute of Architects suggests that termites cause one and a half billion dollars in damage to homes across Australia each year. Termite infestations are a significant problem – and big business. Choosing the right software system to manage termite services and other pest work can enhance productivity, increase profit margins, and improve customer satisfaction. A variety of management systems are available, each with its own advantages. Of these, ServSuite is a multi-faceted software solution offering a range of tools to help businesses outperform competitors.

Regular inspections are a must for homeowners and commercial property owners who want to keep termites at bay. To carry out high-quality termite inspections, technicians need to be armed with the tools to track, report, and take payment for termite services. The ability for inspectors to accurately document where damage is found is highly important. ServSuite has cutting-edge drawing capabilities in its mobile app to help record the findings of the inspection in the most accurate way possible.

The ability to scan barcoded bait stations is another feature built into the ServSuite mobile app. This feature offers the dual benefit of making termite management professionals’ lives easier by lightening their workload when they are out in the field, while simultaneously making termite inspections a more profitable service for the business because of the time saved. ServSuite allows technicians to scan barcodes and send an update about the station through their mobile device. Simply by using the camera on a smartphone or using a Bluetooth scanner, the technician can collect and share the information. The data can be organised into different categories such as inspection point status, target pest species identified, observations, and materials used, making reports as user-friendly as possible.

The ability to work remotely and access service records remotely has never been more crucial. ServSuite software allows inspectors to remotely access all-important service audit information without having to be on site at the facility. Keeping digital records of inspection logs makes a business more agile, as having the ability to access records quickly and easily from any location makes inspections more cost-effective over time. It even helps keep the workplace tidier by freeing up premium storage space in the office.

Business management software impacts the customer too – there is no doubt that customers prefer businesses that make paying as easy as possible for them. Being able to take payments on site has transformed from being a perk to being a necessity. Pest management software solutions like ServSuite can help simplify the way a business manages its billing through a range of features from payment automation to e-sign.

ServSuite allows technicians to capture digital signatures on forms and contracts, making it possible to paperlessly store, review, and sign forms and contracts for the account being serviced. ServSign allows files to be organised chronologically and for technicians to check whether documents have been signed or not. When a service is complete and the form or contract is signed, this update can be synced with the core program, creating a reliable channel of communication between office and field staff.

Termite inspections are a lucrative service. By adopting a software solution like ServSuite not only can a business successfully carry out, report on, and charge for these services, but also increase efficiency, thereby boosting profits further.

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