Report Writer from Rapid Solutions makes it easy to create reports on-site, with minimum effort. 

There comes a time when all business owners are looking for ways to improve their business operations – whether to streamline their activities, increase efficiency or improve their bottom line. In trying to achieve their desired outcome, it is often easy to overlook a simple change.

Report Writer is a web-based reporting system designed to make report writing simple, easy and worry free. Report Writer can be used on an iPad, with additional device compatibility in the pipeline.

“Report Writer is a real time saver,” said Mr Mark Barnes, CEO Rapid Solutions. “It is a cost-effective tool that pest managers can implement into their business to help improve compliance, minimise mistakes, ensure consistency and help improve their bottom line.”

Some of the many features and benefits of Report Writer are:

  • No set-up fee
  • Free one month trial
  • All Rapid Solutions reports included
  • Preview reports before sending
  • Add photos and diagrams to reports
  • Autocomplete function
  • Contacts function
  • Technical App support
  • Reduced outlay on paper, toner and form pads.

The app enables reports to be customised to feature your company name, logo and contact details. It is easy to install and operate and if you are insured with Rapid Solutions all you need to do is register on the Report Writer website and obtain a password. The free Report Writer app can then be downloaded from iTunes.

As it is an app driven by web technology there is no need for each individual user to have their own server or IT guru on staff. Rapid Solutions take care of all behind the scene details, hosting the information in a secure environment with instant updates and technical support provided when needed.

Report Writer will continue to operate offline as well. If your internet connection is lost while on site, Report Writer will enable you to continue working on your report. Your reports will be saved and can then be sent as soon as you establish an internet connection.

Mr Barnes concluded, “Report Writer is the business tool everyone needs in their kit. And pest managers can be confident knowing that Report Writer is backed by the knowledge and experience of Rapid Solutions.”

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