Pest Control in Changing Climates: Adapting to Extreme Weather Events

When extreme weather hits, it pays to have a business management software that easily copes with the unexpected.

Extreme weather events seem to be occurring more and more frequently. Dealing with the disruptions they cause is no easy task, so ensuring you are well prepared will help you and your business face the challenges when they arise. As pest control professionals, your work to protect public health and property is essential even when the going gets tough. Preparing your business now to serve your communities despite extenuating circumstances will also build customer trust. Let’s look at strategies to adapt business practices and mitigate risk when extreme weather strikes.

Changing climates affect pest populations in several ways, altering their life cycles and increasing survival rates. Heatwaves, droughts, and heavy rainfall are becoming more common, disrupting the established predators of pests and causing unpredictable fluctuations in pest populations. Staying informed of these changes and informing your customers about them is a great way to build your community’s confidence in your services. One strategy you can employ is to use your social media channels to share relevant information. Another essential step is to ensure your employees are informed about any developments or changes in pest populations caused by extreme weather events. This will help them answer customer questions confidently and provide customers with the services they need.

In the past two years, Australia has witnessed many extreme flooding events. For pest managers, excessive rainfall means planned pest treatments will most likely be cancelled – meaning they will need to be rebooked for a later date. When adverse weather wreaks havoc with technicians’ schedules, it pays to have robust business management software that can manage this. ServSuite by FieldRoutes simplifies this by enabling changes to be applied to all technicians’ routes, displaying changes in real-time.

With unpredictable weather patterns more likely, you can build resilience and flexibility into your business by utilising the right technology. From automated communication to data analytics, pest control software solutions such as ServSuite by FieldRoutes offer the full range of tools a business needs to provide excellent customer service, come what may. Functionalities such as automated messaging by email and SMS text messaging simplify communicating vital information to customers, simultaneously empowering staff to stay in touch with customers from anywhere and making it easy for customers to stay in the loop about any changes to their services.

As businesses prepare for the summer months, planning for disruptions caused by adverse weather events is a must. Having business technology that you can rely on through floods, droughts or bushfires is essential. ServSuite by FieldRoutes makes it easy to continue delivering great pest management services whatever the weather.

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