myFLO business software continues to upgrade its software to keep pest managers’ businesses operating smoothly and efficiently.

myFLO are excited to announce they have streamlined their innovative system for the pest control industry. myFLO is a powerful and versatile web based work order system that was developed to help managers enhance efficiency and profitability in service-based industries.

Incorporating 20 years of industry experience, myFLO has been built around a robust core utilising the latest technologies to ensure the system is easy to understand and use. myFLO provides powerful functionality for all users with continual upgrades to ensure it evolves as technology advances, and the needs of the business are kept in the forefront.

According to Ted Dobson, at e-Net Solutions, “myFLO will be able to improve financial and operational efficiency through managing workflow process. Some of these processes include scheduling, routing, stock control, risk assessments, scanning, reports, photographs, quotes, material requests, and paperless billing.

“All of these can be completed from the field portal live, so office staff can see exactly where the process is at in real time. They can create and manage work orders from the office while field staff know exactly what the requirements are for the job, such as job history which flags any past issues, or SLA agreements.

“Every piece of information is attached to a job so management has complete visibility of service delivery and their overall operation. myFLO effectively becomes the quality control helper.”

Cory Buckley, finance and IT manager at Termi Home and Commercial (QLQ) commented, “Through myFLO, all admin, technicians and managers see all job information. This information flow happens in real time. I can actually see the report details real-time, question-by-question as the technician is completing the report. The reports can actually trigger alerts to us once the technician has completed them. This means we can deal with any issues that occur while the technician is on site.”

The part he enjoys the most is that the reports are paperless and the invoices can be generated on site by the technicians.

Mr Buckley added, “For domestic customers, the technicians can generate the invoice on site, receive payment (including credit card) and the system then sends the payment advice with the report attached automatically. The technician never has to return to the office to hand in paper work that needs to be filed, as it is all electronic. Because every bit of information about the job is electronically stored in myFLO, it makes referencing information on past services a breeze.”

A service technician who is now a regular user of myFLO made the following comments. “My role covers inspecting properties for termites or other pests, completing reports and applying required chemicals and baits. Since the introduction of myFLO I no longer have to visit the office every morning to collect the inspection paper work from that day. All the job information, including job history, is at my fingertips on my iPad.

“The mobile interface is pleasing to the eyes and easy to use. I simply accept my jobs for the day, which then acknowledges to the admin staff immediately that I am aware of the jobs to complete. When I arrive at the site I clock on, this immediately alerts the admin staff back at the office that I am on site and commencing the job.”

Depending on the job, myFLO will indicate the appropriate forms that need to be completed while on site.

“Normally the first form is the risk assessment – the Job Safety Analysis (JSA), this must be completed before myFLO allows me to access the job service report. This way admin knows the JSA was done before starting the job, important to ensure that we work in a safe environment and there is no risk to the customer. While performing the service we can update the form. The form questions are structured to give us feedback as we complete each question to ensure the forms are correctly completed.

“On completion of the job and report I can generate the invoice and receive payment. Once I receive the payment, myFLO then emails the
statement and report to the customer. On completion, the job disappears from my list and then I travel to my next job.”

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