Andy Deering, General Manager of ServSuite, introduces a new bundle deal that equips pest managers with all the digital tools they need for success on the job.

Since the pandemic began we have become acutely aware of the importance of technology that allows us to stay connected and work from anywhere. Thanks to software, as an industry we have adapted our systems and practices to continue to provide essential services to our customers and communities. To support pest management professionals, ServSuite launched the Enterprise Go Mobile! Bundle, an all-in-one software package that allows businesses to digitalise service management, communication, and sales. The bundle, which includes ServSuite’s Mobile App, ServSales, and unlimited text, call, and email notifications, was created to enable businesses to thrive in the ever-changing operational climate.

Keeping teams connected has been even more challenging during the pandemic. Coupled with the increase in last minute changes to schedules, communication can be a real challenge. This is where the ServSuite Mobile App comes in. Technicians can access all the customer’s account information from anywhere, meaning that any notes or updates to services can be synced in real time, keeping office and field connected. Technicians can get route directions, send emails, get real-time updates, and track service progress on the go. Meanwhile, office staff have full visibility as to technicians’ progress and job completion throughout the day.


The ServSuite Mobile App keeps teams connected and technicians’ schedules updated in real time


The software bundle includes unlimited text message, call, and email notifications, meaning staff can easily keep customers updated about their upcoming service. This multi-channel messaging feature saves office staff time by enabling them to communicate important information or updates to as many contacts as they need with the click of a button.

Also, as part of the bundle, users will gain access to ServSales, the robust digital sales tool that gives teams the technology they need to make more sales from the field. By automating key parts of the sales process, ServSales makes it easier to reach prospects, make sales, and track performance. Users can activate location-based prospecting, digital proposals, contract documentation, and collect e-signatures. Technicians can also process cash, cheque, and card payments on the spot, meaning they can sell more.

Keeping a safe distance has become an important part of all aspects of operations. By using a software package that allows technicians to work digitally, you can help your business comply with the changing rules about operating in a physically distanced, and fully paperless environment. Each of the functionalities included in the ServSuite Go Mobile! Bundle allows teams to be completely mobile while maintaining the high level of service customers expect.


Andy Deering, General Manager, ServSuite

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