Creating customer reports is easy using software that’s been specifically designed for pest managers and inspectors.

The pest control industry workflow is one of the most demanding due to the number of complex reports required for various services. These reports can be completed in two formats: paper or digital. These days, many pest managers still provide paper reports but many are transitioning to an electronic format due to customer pressures and time constraints.

Using an electronic format gives customers a higher quality service where photos, signatures and site maps can be incorporated into the report. The client can receive the report before the technician even leaves the site.

One size doesn’t fit all

Pest control insurance companies have helped to greatly standardise reporting in a move to minimise claim compensation risk. Most insurance companies offer their own electronic report templates to help service providers comply with insurance requirements.

A good report form needs to be user friendly enough for the pest manager to be able to complete it without adding extra time to the service. However, some electronic report templates are lacking user friendliness and the flexibility to cater for all inspection reporting outcomes. Indeed, some are so complicated it seems a PhD is required to read it!

Most electronic reporting software only goes as far as allowing the technician to answer the questions on the form and to send this information in PDF format to the customer. Apart from being electronic, the control of data entry on the form is no different to the paper version as there is no way to ensure the correct form is being used for the service being rendered.

A custom solution

The ideal solution is for pest managers to have a form builder that easily allows them to create their own custom report forms, suited to their service offering. These forms can then be integrated with the job management workflow so the correct report forms are available for the technician on site.

While the technician answers the form questions, real-time feedback can be sent to help guide them through the process. On completion of the form, the system can alert supervisors about an issue without the need for the technician to make a single phone call. The form can also give the technician advice about the appropriate action to take.

A report form builder with the features mentioned above can provide greater operational efficiencies to any pest management business. It can also give valuable statistical data that can help business owners, and also their customers, make better informed decisions.

Michael Stornelli, Principal of myFLO

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