Kevork Temisgian of Termisoft explains how PEST-APP can streamline pest managers’ businesses by delivering efficiencies across the board.

Business software has the ability to deliver great benefits to operations. But with the variety of business software options in the marketplace, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your business. Even when you decide on a particular software package, you often find you may need additional software from other providers to support different parts of your business.

Temisoft is pleased to announce the arrival of PEST-APP, a new suite of industry specific software, designed to help pest management businesses of all shapes and sizes operate more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and more profitably.

PEST-APP is a web-based suite of business aids designed to optimise efficiency and profitability of pest control business by streamlining a range of routine and contingency driven tasks including; essential administration, scheduling, job management, invoicing, recording, reporting, bar coding and analysis tasks.

The PEST-APP suite has evolved from a long, strong pedigree of business-specific management tools developed in Australia over the past two decades by recognised industry leader, Temisoft, under the brand name, ServicePRO-OnLine.

Temisoft founder and CEO, Kevork Temisgian, said, “PEST- APP represents the next logical stage in his company’s on- going drive to build on the ‘cream’ of modern and emerging web and computer-based technologies in ways that make it simpler and easier for pest managers to boost and maintain their profitability.

“Today, just about everyone and every business can enjoy relatively low cost access to powerful internet computing. For us, the challenge is to transform and build on that access to develop user-friendly tools for service industry business managers, to help run their businesses better.

“Since we started out in 1993, our mission has been to harness the power and functionality of the latest technologies to enable professional pest managers to run their businesses with optimum efficiency, without them having to worry or even think about the nitty gritty of the technology.

“However, we appreciate that pest management businesses are as different as the individuals who own, operate, manage and work in them – one size definitely does not fit all! They come to us from different perspectives and with different needs,” said Mr Temisgian.

Catering for and meeting those different needs has been a key driver for Temisoft since they started operations.

The key elements of PEST-APP have been based on the latest developments in Temisoft’s ServicePRO-Online range.

“In effect, we have extended and expanded on our earlier developments in ways which will add substantial value and flexibility for our existing clients and also benefit newcomers to our range.

“Wherever possible, we want to give our pest manager partners the opportunity to grow their businesses with us in ways they will find both easy and attractive,” said Mr Temisgian.

PEST-APP packages

The PEST-APP suite is available in four different packages depending on the size of your business and level of support required:

  • Business – provides essential functionality for pest control businesses, available free of charge
  • Professional – provides enhanced functionality for a modest charge
  • Enterprise – carries a wealth of advanced features and benefits for businesses of any size and complexity
  • Ultimate – as the name suggests, this package delivers Temisoft’s full suite of reporting, analysis, and communication tools.

All packages are designed to function across all platforms and operating systems, on all desktops and servers, tablets, smart phones, and hand-held devices.

Importantly, Temisoft has made it easy and cost-effective for pest managers to migrate smoothly from one version offering to another without penalty or unnecessary effort or expense. Moving across from the existing ServicePRO- OnLine suite has also been made exceptionally easy and cost-free.

PEST-APP Business

Temisoft has made the Business edition available free- of-charge to approved sole owner/single operator pest managers. PEST-APP Business will allow small business managers to:

  • Build, use and maintain their own customer database
  • Book and schedule jobs (inspections, treatments, etc.) on easy-to-use scheduling and allocation screens
  • Track job completions
  • Enable repeat business and generate extra revenue by sending out reminder letters for customers to arrange follow-up inspections, treatments, and bait station maintenance.
PEST-APP has an easy to read interface

PEST-APP Professional

PEST-APP Professional is available to pest management businesses with up to five office users and allows field service technicians to receive their jobs directly on their mobile phones or tablets. In addition to the tools available under PEST-APP Business, it gives small to medium sized businesses fully licensed, multi-user access to:

  • Email functionality (allowing office staff to email reminders, invoices and statements)
  • Job scheduling, allocation and dispatch (arranging jobs and individually assigning tasks to technicians)
  • Invoicing (generating, preparing and dispatching invoices and statements)
  • Sales analysis with easy-to-read graphs and charts

As part of the PEST-APP Professional package, licensees will receive full technical and customer care support free of charge.

PEST-APP Enterprise

This premium package is priced at the same level as its predecessor, ServicePRO-OnLine, from which existing licence holders can easily migrate at no extra cost. Licensees can purchase access for any number of operators, staff, offices, branches, or franchises.

PEST-APP Enterprise licensees have access to all the features of PEST-APP Professional as well as either:

  • Report Writer – allowing technicians to generate and send comprehensive inspection, job and service reports, complete with correctly worded descriptions and diagrams, and even photographs, ‘on the go’; or
  • Bar Coder – Temisoft’s special scanning and analysis tool for tracking, keeping track of, reporting on and analysing the effectiveness of rodent, termite, and other pest bait stations, electronic fly killers and other appropriate installations.

PEST-APP Enterprise comes with no charge, comprehensive technical support.

PEST-APP Ultimate

This is Temisoft’s new ‘top of the range’ offering, giving licensees access to all the features of PEST-APP Professional as well as ‘Customer Portal’ – a special purpose customer access facility, for customers to login to retrieve, review and print off service and activity reports, trend analyses, MSDS information and relevant insurance documents.

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