Weepa Products’ range of weep hole protection screens can be offered to homeowners looking to protect their property against rodents and insect pests. 

The innovative Protector Weep Hole Screen from Weepa Products allows you to provide an attractive rodent barrier for weep holes.

Technical officer for Weepa Products, Mitch Flint, has announced the launch of this easy-to-install corrosion and UV resistant weep hole screen.

“Most homeowners don’t realise that filling in weep holes with mortar or sealant creates a major problem for their home. Weep holes are required to drain and ventilate the wall cavity but are also a very common entry point for a variety of pests,” said Mr Flint.

“The Protector Weep Hole Screen is an easy and cost-effective way to screen weep holes and prevent rodents entering the wall and roof cavities.”

The screens come in packs of 20, each with an applicator that makes the job simple, only taking a few seconds per weep hole. Not only is the product easy to use, but pest managers are also eligible for Weepa’s wholesale pricing, the only trade to do so. This means there are great opportunities to value add, significantly improving profitability on each job.

The screens are made entirely from 316 Stainless Steel making them highly corrosion resistant, even in coastal areas. Unlike plastic products they will not suffer UV degradation over time.

As an added benefit, Protector Weep Hole Screens are compliant with the highest level of the Australian Standard for Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas (AS3959:2009). Most houses built before 2009 won’t have the type of ember screening, which is mandatory in many newly constructed houses. The Protector Weep Hole Screen prevents embers from entering the wall cavity and igniting any flammable debris or building material there. This is a hidden fire danger that many homeowners are not aware of and is an easy selling point.

“Coming into mouse season this year, make sure you offer your customers a long-lasting and chemical-free barrier to keep rodents out of their wall cavities. This solution is bound to improve customer satisfaction and make you the go-to person when the next pest problem occurs,” added Mr Flint.

For more information visit the Weepa Products website.