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European Birchmeier backpack sprayers bring Swiss technology and design to Australia.

Ensystex have just released three new sprayers, including a brand-new concept in sprayers that boasts a revolutionary battery- powered spray blower.

According to Steve Broadbent, Ensystex regional director, innovation and quality are at the forefront for both Birchmeier and Ensystex. “This is displayed with these new sprayers; the new generation Flox 10L and Iris 15L backpack sprayers, and the world-first AS 1200 Accu-Power Spray Blower, which is a brand new concept in sprayers.”

Backpack sprayers from Birchmeier have been the equipment of choice for over 120 years, Mr Broadbent said. “Their robustness is legendary and unbeatable. The Flox 10 and Iris 15 have been further developed with enhanced features, although the ‘old reliable’ aspects have been retained. These updated ergonomics; adjustable pump lever; and brass trigger valve, with a locking and blocking function and integrated fine filter, are bound to win over a new generation of enthusiasts for the range.”

But it’s their latest innovation, the AS 1200 Accu-Power Spray Blower (main picture, above), which is taking the plaudits, having already won a number of awards: a Swiss national innovation award, another at the Gala-Bau exhibition in Germany, as well as an award for the best professional equipment at the Four Oaks Trade Show at the UK’s premier Ornamental Horticulture show.

“The AS 1200 Spray Blower combines a Birchmeier battery driven backpack sprayer, such as the REC 15 or REX 15, to provide an incredible power spray range from 0.5 to 13 metres, and also provides for adjustment of the droplet size and the flow rate to produce an evenly distributed droplet spectrum into the air stream,” Mr Broadbent said. “The flow rate itself can be adjusted from 0.3 to 2.2 L/min. With five (plus one turbo) spray distance settings, users can achieve an optimal balance to ensure against overspray and prevent ‘spray shadows’ and evenly wet target areas, especially bushes and trees. This makes it ideal for creating the Maxxthor ‘Mosquito protection zone.”

According to Mr Broadbent, the new technology with fast-charge clip-in Li-ion batteries, means low noise levels, zero emissions and allows the AS 1200 to be uniquely used indoors or outside. “As the first ever battery powered spray blower in the world, it sets a high bench mark for the spray industry,” Mr Broadbent said.

The partnership with Birchmeier only started in early 2018, and according to Mr Broadbent, local pest managers are already reaping the bene ts from these new products, including John Giles from Outback Pest Control in Clare, South Australia.

“We are a family-run business providing services throughout northern South Australia, the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands, the Yorke Peninsula and even down into Adelaide, and we regularly travel through outback South Australia and the lower Northern Territory,” Mr Giles explained.

John Giles from Outback Pest Control with the BM 1035

“Since we specialise in the mining industry, commercial industry as well as general households; we place tough demands on our application equipment. We are often working in remote, harsh environments, so we insist on having tough, reliable gear, and good technical support. Ensystex and Birchmeier deliver on both fronts,” Mr Giles said.

“We purchased the REC 15 Accu-Power backpack sprayer, as well as the standalone Accu-Power BM 1035, to replace our petrol driven pumps, and we are delighted with the professional edge this provides our business. Our clients, especially the mines, are looking for us to bring greener solutions to our markets, and the quiet, battery-powered operation of these units impresses everyone we meet.”

“From a business perspective, the pressure and flow of the BM 1035 connected to a high capacity tank and reel is remarkable, and the quiet performance gives us the flexibility to work at any time of the day. Plus, we no longer need to worry about carrying smelly, flammable, petrol containers on our vehicles!” Mr Giles commented.

“Conditions are tough in outback Australia, so the reliability and long battery life are extremely important, and I really like that we can swap out the batteries for our existing Makita drills too.”