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Suspend Flexx Insecticide is the new general purpose spray product from Bayer. Utlising unique, patented carrier technology it delivers long lasting performance even on porous and aggressive surfaces. The technology allows for flexible application rates providing pest managers with a flexible tool for the wide range of situations they encounter.

Suspend®Flexx Insecticide is a new, innovative general insecticide from Bayer containing leading-edge patented Carrier Technology. Scientifically-proven to maximise the performance of the active ingredient, this world-first technology allows the active to be more readily available on surfaces and enhances the efficacy and residual effectiveness. This technology gives pest manager a highly flexible tool for general pest control – a label that allows pest managers to dial up or dial down performance as required.

The technology behind Suspend Flexx

Two key drivers have influenced the development of this technology. The performance of many spray products on porous surfaces is sub-optimal, as much of the active is absorbed into the surface and does not come into contact with the insect. The end result is that the application rates required for standard spray products are far higher than would otherwise be required if more of the active was available to the insect.

The second driver flows on from the first. Customer expectations and the regulatory environment are such that there is pressure on reducing insecticide use, to minimise environmental impact. So a technology that more effectively uses the insecticide being applied, means you can apply less and get the same result, with the corresponding environmental benefit.

Suspend Flexx uses a unique carrier formulation, developed by Bayer after years of research, to meet these product requirements. It is not a capsule suspension, nor a micro emulsion. Its formulation is a matrix capsule that is larger than other micro caps – Suspend Flexx micro caps have a range of 15-30 μm – such that the capsule sits on the surface of porous materials. With the active (deltamethrin) concentrated on the surface, rather than encapsulated inside, a large percentage of the active is available for insect contact.

Suspend Microcaps sit proud on a porous surface
A close up of a Suspend Flexx microcap showing deltamethrin crystals on the surface, readily available for insect contact

Flexible application rates

With the performance of the active maximized, at the high doses Suspend Flexx can deliver at least 12 weeks of residual performance under conditions of heavy pest pressure and on aggressive surfaces. However, the beauty of the technology is that with more of the active available it is possible to use reduced application rates for situations of lower pest pressure or when reduced residual is required. Bayer has spent the time to ensure the label allows for this flexibility.

The label allows for four application rates; greater than 12 weeks, around 12 weeks, 6-8 weeks and 2-4 weeks of residual performance. This flexibility will allow pest managers to adjust their application for a variety of additional reasons, for example it may be a monthly service account, or there may be a cost saving requirement or need to reduce chemical application due to a sensitive environment.

Wide range of use situations

The flexibility of Suspend Flexx extends beyond just application rates to a wide range of use situations. Suspend Flexx can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial situations, as well as public buildings and structures; including farm buildings, meat works and poultry sheds.

Suspend Flexx is HACCP certified and can be used in sensitive food processing areas; as a regular maintenance service at low rates as well as high maintenance sites that require regular cleaning. Target pests include: ants, bedbugs, bird mites, carpet beetles, cockroaches, clothes moths, fleas, litter beetles, mosquitoes and flies, silverfish, spiders, stored product pests, ticks and stable flies.

Suspend Flexx is on the market

Suspend Flexx was officially launched at the AEPMA Conference on the Gold Coast in September, supported by Dr. Volker Gutsmann, product development manager for pest control in the Bayer CropScience Global Development Center in Monheim, Germany. His presentation highlighted the need for advanced formulation technology to optimize product performance and that it is this type of formulation development that is at the heart of Bayer innovation. Suspend Flexx is the result of these efforts.

For more information in Suspend Flexx

Application rates and delivery:

// 10mL/L water (high rate): Use this rate for control of bedbugs and cat fleas and for the control of crawling and flying insects where a residual of at least 12 weeks is required under difficult
conditions of high pest pressure or aggressive surfaces.

// 5mL/L water (standard rate): Use this rate for initial / cleanout control of cockroaches, ants, spiders, ticks and other crawling insects and for initial / cleanout control of house flies, mosquitoes
and other flying insects where a residual of 12 weeks is required. Use this rate also for follow-up treatment against bed-bugs.

// 2.5mL/L water (maintenance rate): For maintenance control of crawling and flying insects where a residual of 6-8 weeks is required.

// 1.6mL/L water (low maintenance rate): For maintenance control of crawling and flying insects where a residual of 2-4 weeks is required.