Every year pest managers can be financially impacted by ineffective housekeeping practices in looking after their equipment and tools of the trade.

In the absence of proper cleaning practices, chemical residues tend to build up in tanks, filters and spray nozzles. This can lead to corrosion damage to equipment and can cause chemicals to be applied at inaccurate rates, resulting in product wastage. Cross-contamination of chemicals is also a possibility. Poor performing equipment not only compromises the quality of a pest manager’s work, but also impacts on financial performance.

Regular, effective cleaning of all high value spraying equipment will ensure it is performing at its peak, which is best achieved by using a cleaning solution developed specifically for the purpose.

All Clear DS is a balanced liquid formulation containing sequestrants, surfactants and detergents and has been proven in both the laboratory and in the field to be a very effective product for the decontamination and cleaning of spraying equipment. All Clear DS has become the product of choice for pest managers who want an easy and reliable option.

Available in 1L and 5L packs.

All Clear DS has a unique three-way mode of action, which not only removes residues from spraying equipment, but then solubilises them for easy removal.

Gavin Wilson, technical and marketing manager for Liphatech said, “I have inspected pest managers’ vehicles with the recommended two-tank or split-tank setup for repellent and non-repellent chemical application. Even with this best practice setup and regular flushing of the tanks using water, there still remains a filament chemical build-up inside these tanks, filters and even in the spray nozzles and tips. The most reliable way to remove this filament build-up is to use a decontamination solution, such as All Clear DS.”

All Clear DS is mixed with water to create an instant easy and ready to use cleaning solution. In the past, pest managers were required to mix and match different decontamination products such as a washing powder, pool chlorine or ammonia. Mr Wilson commented, “There remains a high level of confusion amongst pest managers about which decontamination and cleaning product to use. All Clear DS cuts through the clutter and provides a single solution.”

All Clear DS features three modes of action

When it comes to removing damaging residues from pest managers’ spraying equipment, All Clear DS is a simple, cost-effective way to protect high value spraying equipment, that ensures each job is carried out correctly. Together with its long shelf-life, All Clear DS saves pest managers money.

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