Sherwood Chemicals’ range of aerosols has been designed with practicality and convenience in mind. 

Look inside your product storage space and you will more than likely see a can of aerosol insecticide. The design of aerosols makes them easy and safe to store, carry and apply, making them a convenient tool for pest managers.

As a formulation development and research company, Sherwood Chemicals is well positioned to create aerosols for the ever-evolving pest industry. “Sherwood is one of the largest manufacturers of aerosols in Oceania,” said Elton Arderne, business development manager at Sherwood Chemicals. “We have a team of 18 chemists and lab technicians employed to research and develop aerosols that provide the best efficacy using the safest active ingredients.”

Building on the success of Chaindrite Extra Strength and Chaindrite 2 Metered Insect Spray, Sherwood will be adding a number of new aerosols to its range over the next six months.

“Chaindrite Extra Strength was developed to deliver two active ingredients: cypermethrin and imiprothrin. If you have used Chaindrite Extra Strength, you will know that it is brilliant at flushing and knocking down crawling insects,” explained Mr Arderne.

“In short, the cypermethrin highly irritates the insects, flushing them out of cracks and crevices while the imiprothrin cause paralysis and quick knockdown. The higher dose of actives is what separates this professional aerosol from cheaper products found in supermarkets, which also delivers the long residual performance of Chaindrite Extra Strength. The low odour of the aerosol means you can use it in commercial and residential areas without causing discomfort to yourself and those working around you.”

New to the Sherwood range of aerosols is Pyflush Insect Spray, which utilises pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide in synergy to deliver a fast knockdown. The use of piperonyl butoxide as a synergist ensures performance at even low doses, helping to prevent resistance developing in a population. This crack and crevice flushing spray will not leave a repellent residue on surfaces, meaning pest managers can use Pyeflush as part of an management program that includes baits or non-repellent sprays, without concerns about impacting overall treatment performance.

Mr Arderne added,“Pyflush should be used alongside Ultraforce Crawling Insect Powder in a commercial application. The flip-up nozzle and 360 degree tilt valve means you can work your way into hard to reach corners and angles to flush out and knock down insects. Deliver a light dusting of Ultraforce powder (5g/kg fipronil) into the cracks and crevices for a non-repellent residual.

“There’s no need to bore you with what takes place when developing and launching new aerosols. However, pest managers should know that not all aerosols are made the same. At Sherwood, we are constantly aiming to deliver high quality products to the market. We trial many variations of the final product before launching to the market. Different solvents, propellants, cans, nozzle heads all affect the outcome of the final product.

“Our aim as an aerosol formulator is to deliver a cost-effective solution for your business. When you buy a Sherwood aerosol you are buying a premium product and our flip-up nozzles and 360-degree spray angles give you the efficiency and effectiveness your time deserves.”

Each new aerosol in the Sherwood range will have a unique point of difference, offering pest managers more choice of chemicals to use as part of their crack and crevice applications.

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