Sherwood Chemicals revamps Py Spray Aerosol with a new-look nozzle. 

Developed for the Australian professional pest market by C Rudduck in the 1950s, Py Spray Aerosol Insecticide containing natural pyrethrins has earned its place in many pest managers’ toolboxes. It offers quick knockdown, flushing action and little to no residual, making it particularly well suited for food handling areas.

Py Spray Aerosol is now supplied and supported by Sherwood Chemicals. With the aid of Sherwood Chemicals’ formulation and manufacturing expertise, Py Spray Aerosol has recently been improved. The new-look 300g aerosol can now includes a professional looking two-way nozzle to conveniently and effectively flush and kill crawling and flying insects.

“At Sherwood, we have a unique ability to work with industry users on improving product features that are important to their business,” said John Ralph, general manager of Sherwood Chemicals. “These improvements are rarely completed for small volume markets such as the professional pest market, however as a formulation specialist we are able to make these changes to add value.”

Py Spray Aerosol has a broad label claim and delivers fast action on target insects including flies, mosquitoes, ants, silverfish, grain weevils, spiders and earwigs.

Now available from Agserv, Garrards, Globe and David Gray.

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