The Viper range of rodent stations from Pest IT offers pest managers a humane and highly secure way to capture rodents. 

With so many rodent stations available on the market, it would seem that pest managers are spoilt for choice. However, when looking for a feature-packed, premium product with added versatility, the new Viper Range from Pest IT commands attention.

“The professional rodent market is exceeding saturation for ‘economy’ rodent stations,” commented Peter McCarthy, director of Pest IT. “We feel it’s time for a change, by offering pest managers a high quality range of pest and rodent hardware systems with flexibility of use.

“We have committed significant investment into our new Viper range, with the highly specialised hardware featuring unique designs. The range is divided into live catch (L-Catch) and high security (Hi-Sec) hardware systems, offering pest managers a high quality, non- chemical pest solution for the capture of rats and mice.”

The Viper L-Catch offers a live capture as well as capture/kill option for both rats and mice. These traps are larger than the traditional multi-catch tin stations, allowing for both snap traps and integration with new sensor technologies such as RatSense.

“The Viper L-Catch Rat Trap is truly unique, with product trials dispelling the myth that multiple rats cannot be captured live in the same trap at the same time,” said Mr McCarthy. “When used on several commercial facilities, multiple rats were caught live. When used in conjunction with sensor technologies, this allows for an alert that results in the fast, ethical and humane removal of live vertebrate pests. The design of the Viper L-Catch trap gives pest managers great flexibility in how they use it.”

Also unique to the Viper range are the all-weather, metal vandal-proof high security stations for outdoor public spaces. The Viper Hi-Sec Rat Station will accommodate a snap trap, glueboard, and sensor technologies.

Pest managers can use traditional rodenticide blocks mounted vertically or horizontally. The Viper Hi-Sec metal stations are ideal for health, correctional, educational, government and public sectors.

“This is a truly distinctive, robust and versatile rat station. To ensure longevity, Pest IT will supply replaceable locks and viewing windows as well as accessories, snap traps and glueboards. These metal units are well priced and will be a viable t for all commercial pest operations,” explained Mr McCarthy. A compact heavy-duty metal mouse model is also available.

With a global movement towards poison-free, environmentally friendly, and humane management of vertebrate pests, new and improved devices such as the Viper range of hardware will complement a modem, professional and sustainable approach. “In all aspects of our business, Pest IT strives to design, locate and develop non-chemical, device-driven pest management systems. We are thrilled to bring these products to our Australian clients,” Mr McCarthy commented.

Additional products to look out for in the Viper range include insect glueboards, including cockroach, moth and flying insect trap variations. The Viper range was recently launched at Rapid EduCon and will continue to expand into the marketplace with a growing range of intelligent pest control solutions, all available directly from Pest IT.

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