Pestie Dotz from Sundew Solutions allow pest managers to apply gel baits to smooth surfaces in a way that gives a clean, professional finish. 

Allgon Pest Control in Brisbane’s metro region has seen the benefits from the innovative new tool from Sundew Solutions called Pestie Dotz.

“Pestie Dotz are a professional polymer platform onto which ant and cockroach gel baits are applied,” said Colin Davies, owner Allgon Pest Control. “Pestie Dotz has a technology that allows them to be attached to flat smooth surfaces without tearing or leaving any marks when removed.”

Pestie Dotz are packed with a heap of key features that make this the new standard in gel bait application:

  • Tough polymer construction that won’t tear or leave any visible residues when removed – ever!
  • Allow quick identification of bait placements so you can quickly monitor bait consumption.
  • 5mm indicator ring to allow you to accurately dose gel asper product label.
  • Polymer construction prevents moisture loss of gel baits into treated surface to help improve bait performance and longevity.
  • Fluorescent locator ring which, when exposed to blacklight torch, allows easy location in dark spaces.
  • Provides a visual indicator to pest management professionals and customers to monitor bait consumption.
  • Professional presentation platform onto which bait gels are applied.
  • Clearly designates to customers that a pest baiting treatment is in progress.

“Pestie Dotz was a no-brainer when I first saw them,” said Mr Davies. “I’m surprised someone hasn’t come up with something as good as this before now.

“We’re always striving to be a leader in the industry. With substantial government contracts, major commercial premises and a host of residential clients Pestie Dotz has found immediate favour with us.

“Where we have seen immediate feedback is with Health Department checks. Once we’ve completed a treatment and documented our work it is very easy to quality check exactly what, where and how we’ve done the job when using Pestie Dotz. Everything is clear and accountable. Best of all, the clients know exactly what we’ve done and not to remove bait placements.

‘Standard’ Pestie Dotz are available now in handy packs of 240 platforms from Agserv, Garrards, David Grays, Globe, or Jade Chem.

Sundew also offers ‘custom’ Pestie Dotz. Feedback from pest managers was that they’d like to have these platforms with their own names, logos and contact details on them. For information on Custom Pestie Dotz contact your local chemical reseller or Sundew Solutions.

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