Adama has announced the launch of two new products into the Australian pest control market. 

Adama is relatively new to the Australian pest control market but has a long history of innovation and development of unique products that are available worldwide. Adama’s current portfolio includes Warden termiticide, and with the release of two new products followed by another three later in 2020, Adama is working to develop a leading range of unique, high quality pest control products for Australian pest managers.

Venom Professional 240SC and Wasp Force (pictured above) are the latest products to be released by Adama. Venom Professional 240SC is a broad spectrum insecticide, in a suspension concentrate (SC) formulation, containing 240 g/L of the active ingredient bifenthrin. The high AI loading of 240 g/L means a bottle of Venom lasts longer and there’s less packaging waste – which means fewer trips to the distributor, more space on the ute and reduced environmental impact. The SC formulation means Venom is a low odour, quality formulation that has the broadest spectrum bifenthrin registration on the market.

Venom Professional 240 SC

Venom professional is labelled for the control of all subterranean termite species in pre- and post-construction, perimeter treatments, nests, poles, fence posts and reticulation systems. It also controls several ant species, spiders, papernest wasps, mosquitoes, biting midges, flies, fleas and ticks.

It is registered for use in internal and external areas and around domestic, commercial, public and industrial buildings or structures, making it a suitable choice for all commonly encountered situations and pests.

Venom Professional claims to have fast knockdown and excellent UV stability, delivering an excellent residual performance. Bifenthrin kills insect pests by interfering with the normal functions of the nervous system, ultimately leading to paralysis and death. It should be applied at a rate of 10-40 mL/10L of water for general pest species and situations and at a rate of 105-625 ml/100L for termite control dependent on the method of application. When applied at the maximum rate, Venom Professional gives at least ten years’ control against termites. It is available in a convenient 5L pack.

The second new product from Adama is Wasp Force, an aerosol-based formulation with dual active ingredients – 1.3 g/kg d-allethrin and 1.3 g/kg d-phenothrin – to give consistent and reliable control of wasps. Wasp Force is designed to provide a rapid knockdown that works quickly so that no stinging pheromone can be released, thus reducing the potential for being stung at the time of application to the nest. The active ingredients also provide residual control in the nest to ensure full eradication of the wasp population.

Wasp Force is dispersed via a coarse jet spray with large particles, which optimises the amount of active ingredient delivered to the nest, further improving its effectiveness against both adult wasps and larvae. It has proven performance to knock down wasps within five seconds (Adama internal testing). The Wasp Force high output nozzle has the ability to throw a long but consistent jet spray, ensuring that wasps can be treated from a safe distance while quickly soaking the nest. Field trials have demonstrated that the jet can spray up to seven metres.

The large 500 g can size of Wasp Force aerosol offers value for money and is sufficient to treat multiple nests. The formulation also contains no ozone-depleting substances, and is a low conductivity formulation, providing ease of use and convenience.

Adama will be launching three more products to the pest control market over the next year and is excited to present a unique, high quality range of products to take the industry forwards.

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