All Clear DS is a simple cleaning solution that allows pest managers to keep their spray equipment clean and functional. 


Pest managers are being urged to keep on top of pesticide deposits and residues in their spray tanks and equipment by using All Clear DS between each job.

Most chemicals leave residues on your equipment and this can cause blocked filters, equipment erosion and uneven spray patterns, according to Romain Broch, sales and marketing manager from Liphatech.

“Using an effective tank and equipment cleaner will mean less time lost and real money saved for pest controllers,” he said.

All Clear DS is a professional cleaning product that works well on a wide range of pesticides and other chemicals.

“With All Clear DS, you can easily remove chemical residues from tanks, hoses, filters and nozzles after each job.”

“After rinsing with water, dilute All Clear DS with water at a rate of 250 ml/100 L water and use it to remove the remaining traces of chemical from tanks, hoses, filters and nozzles.

“This way, you can be sure to avoid delays caused by faults in your equipment and ensure correct application rates and spray patterns for a professional job every time.

“Clean spray equipment works reliably for longer and considering the cost of new equipment and spare parts, it’s easy to see how a simple clean out using All Clear DS will keep money in your pocket.”

All Clear DS contains surfactants to physically remove residues and stop re-sticking, detergents to solubilise and break down residues, and sequestrants to lock up molecules and improve rinse out (see before/after image, above).

“With its three-way action, it’s the one tank and equipment cleaner that really works,” Mr Broch said.

All Clear DS has been laboratory tested on a wide range of pesticides to determine the percentage of residue removal.

“No two products behave the same in the spray tank and lines, but because All Clear DS works three ways, it works well on a wide range of chemicals – even very sticky formulations are removed more effectively by All Clear DS than anything else,” he said.

All Clear DS is not a dangerous good, and is convenient and easy to store, handle and transport. There are no shelf-life restrictions on All Clear DS, unlike ammonia and chlorine.

It is available in one litre and five litre packs from your pest control retailer.

“Don’t risk equipment faults or delays – make All Clear DS your tank and equipment cleaner today,” Mr Broch said.