Insects Limited – A Comprehensive Range of Pheromone Traps for Stored Product and Fabric Pests

Agserv now stocks a range of US products targeting pantry and closet pests.

In 2022, Jason Green, general manager of Agserv, realised that Agserv – and the Australian pest control market – needed an effective and comprehensive range of insect traps for stored product pests that covered a wide range of weevils, beetles and moths. Agserv had been sourcing stored product pest lures and traps from various suppliers around the world but didn’t have what Mr Green considered a comprehensive yet simple solution. He went on the hunt for a new supplier and found Insects Limited.

For several years Mr Green had been looking for an effective beetle trap, when he met Tom Mueller at PestWorld. Mr Mueller represented Insects Limited, an insect pheromone (sex attractant) technology company in the US that researches, develops, manufactures and distributes pheromones and trapping systems primarily for stored product and fabric pests. Its product range, which includes traps and pheromone lures that can be used in a variety of combinations to meet requirements, was the simple and flexible system that Mr Green had been searching for.

The core range for stored product pests includes the NoSurvivor sticky trap which can be used in conjunction with one to two pheromone lures – the PTL Multi- Species Bullet Lure (for common flying beetles and moth pests) and the Food Moth Bullet Lure. There is also the ready-to-use All Beetle Trap with RTU Gel Cartridge, which targets non-flying beetles such as flour beetles, weevils and grain beetles.

NoSurvivor Trap: This trap can easily be hung in closets or throughout other living spaces, warehouses, food manufacturing facilities or storage rooms. On its own the trap will not attract insects; it is simply a well-designed glue trap. In order to be effective, it must be paired with a pheromone lure. Insects that are attracted to the lure are readily stuck in the glue upon entering the trap.


Insect trap
NoSurvivor Trap with Bullet Lure


The NoSurvivor Trap has a surface area that will allow for the capture and monitoring of a large number of insects. The NoSurvivor Trap needs to be paired with a Bullet Lure which contains the pheromones. The Bullet Lures have a unique design compared to other lures on the market, and take their name from their resemblance to a 22-calibre bullet. The plastic enclosure, balls, cap and membrane are all scientifically calculated to control the release of the pheromones giving a regular release rate and longer-lasting effective life. As a result it delivers better trap rates and more accurate monitoring data.

PTL Multi-Species Bullet Lure: PTL represents the Plodia/Trogoderma/Lasioderma insects. This product targets the most common stored product beetles and moths, including the Indian meal moth, cigarette beetle (main picture, above), warehouse beetle, almond moth, Mediterranean flour moth, tobacco moth, cabinet beetle and more.

Food Moth Bullet Lure: This lure attracts the Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour moth, almond moth, tobacco moth and raisin moth.

Whilst some pest managers like and indeed need the flexibility to mix and match, for other pest managers and situations a ready to use option is preferred.

All Beetle Trap with RTU Gel Cartridge: This ready-to-use glue-based trap targets a broad range of common stored product beetle and weevil pests. The trap includes a pheromone and food attractant gel mix. Pest managers simply need to peel off the foil seal and place the trap in position. The All Beetle Trap has a clear view lid for easy inspection, a sturdy polypropylene base and a replaceable tray that snaps in from below. This low profile trap slides easily beneath equipment or fits nicely into corners or along walls.


Plastic beetle trap
The All Beetle Trap Kit with RTU Gel Cartridge has a snap-in replaceable tray and comes with ten packets of attractant


All four products are now available exclusively at Agserv.

Insects Limited also offers a number of other products including the Museum/Fabric Pest Pheromone Kit (for webbing clothes moth, case-making clothes moth and brown dotted clothes moth) and the GreenWay Fruit Fly Kit, which features Insect Limited’s custom attractant for common fruit flies.

Agserv has brought in a limited number of these products for testing, and they are proving to be very effective. If you are interested in trialing these products, contact your local Agserv store.

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