Ensystex has launched a new deltamethrin-based smoke generator, Fumithor Delta.

Fumithor Delta eliminates a wide range of crawling and flying insect pests in enclosed areas such as roof voids, subfloors, storage sheds, warehouses, shipping containers, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and public spaces. It is also suitable for use in agricultural areas including grain silos, glasshouses, animal housing and other agricultural buildings.

Fumithor Delta Insecticide Smoke Generator

Ensystex regional director, Steve Broadbent, explained, “Fumithor Delta, using cutting edge ‘Dynamic smoke dispersion technology’, is designed to be easier to use and more effective than ULV sprays, thermal fogging treatments and other smoke treatments. Smoke vapour is the optimal method of transmission when targeting large areas due to the minimal quantities of pesticide required, better protecting the treated properties and the environment.

“Fumithor Delta reaches into inaccessible areas, penetrating deep into the tiniest cracks and crevices where the pests hide. With particle sizes down to just one micron, the smoke can penetrate into places that simply can’t be reached by thermal fogs or ULV sprays.”

Data generated by the Applied Physics Department at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia in Spain showed the mean particle size range was between 1.3 and 2.7 microns, which ensures thorough penetration of the smoke into the tiniest cracks and crevices. Further studies on the geometrical descent of the smoke showed a quick and uniform deposition of the product such that, two hours after application, the Fumithor Delta was completely deposited.

Mr Broadbent further reported, “Fumithor Delta uses no solvents, is non-tainting and leaves no residual odour. The active constituent, 20g/kg deltamethrin, is deposited onto vertical and horizontal surfaces, including the undersides of horizontal surfaces, ensuring the most thorough treatment possible. Quite simply, there is nowhere for the pests to hide from Fumithor Delta!”

Fumithor Delta is the only insecticide smoke generator to use deltamethrin, a broad-spectrum pyrethroid, as the active constituent. Deltamethrin is used at much lower levels than other actives with less insecticide per cubic metre, meaning it’s more economical, while also reducing operator exposure to chemicals. Deltamethrin has been in the market for more than 35 years, and its favourable toxicological and environmental profile is well known.

Mr Broadbent explained, “We selected deltamethrin as the ideal active due to its high insecticidal activity and the fact that extensive international food residue limits have been established through the WHO’s Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards and also with the APVMA, making it ideal for use in HACCP-audited food production and preparation premises.”

Individually foil wrapped generator

Fumithor Delta is available in a pack of 12x 40g generators, each treating 250-500 cubic metres, or a pack of 20x 20g generators, each treating 125-250 cubic metres. Each generator is wrapped in a clear foil pouch, which is left in place – the pest manager places the generator on a suitable base and lights the foil to guarantee ignition.

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