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A new insecticide-free fly trap from Ensystex has hit the market.


Ensystex has announced the launch of its Ecothor Active Nature Fly-Free Trap, a 100% natural product that is pesticide free. It uses a unique and highly attractive foodbased lure to draw flies into the proprietary Fly-Free Traps, from which there is no escape.

Ensystex’s regional director, Steve Broadbent, reported that product trials have been a great success. “The results obtained from the numerous trials of Fly-Free have blown everyone away. I got to place traps at our horse property too, and we were amazed at the reduction in flies that occurred within a week of placement. My wife even commented, ‘A summer without flies, this is the best product you have ever developed!’”

Fly-Free is designed for use in any outdoor area where flies are a problem. Since it is a natural solution, it can be used around the outside areas of food processing and food-handling establishments, around rubbish bins, municipal waste sites, and especially around livestock sectors including dairies, abattoirs, stables, piggeries, kennels, catteries and more. Residential properties can also benefit from the placement of Fly-Free Traps.

Mr Broadbent commented, “Professional pest managers should of course always look to reduce fly breeding sources through the removal of breeding areas and ensuring good hygiene practices are in place. Traps such as Fly-Free should be considered an integral part of any fly management program.

“Additionally, the treatment of breeding sites with an insect growth regulator such as Exothor, and the placement of LED UVA electronic fly killers, such as those in the Vectothor range, are of benefit in indoor areas.

“The Ecothor Active Nature Fly-Free Trap comes in two sizes, a 5 L and a 10 L trap, for serious fly control. The traps contain our unique unidirectional cones that allow flies to easily enter, but not to escape. The traps need to be emptied and refilled with clean water and fresh sachets of our proprietary Fly-Free Granules every 30-60 days, depending upon the fly pressure and the environmental conditions.”

To use the traps, water is added up to the marked level, then two or four sachets of the Fly-Free Granules are thrown in, depending on which size trap is being used. The sachets slowly dissolve and release the granules into the water. Over the next few days the granules activate and emit a highly attractive odour that flies find irresistible.


Fly-Free Trap filled with flies
Fly-Free Trap filled with flies


“The fact that the granules come in a water-dispersible sachet means there is no messy preparation,” added Mr Broadbent. “A word of caution though – whilst flies adore the smell, it is not so pleasant for people; so keep your traps at least five metres away from living areas and only use them outdoors or in waste disposal rooms. The aim is to form a protective perimeter all around the buildings to be protected, by placing the traps every 10-15 metres around the structure.”

Fly-Free controls most common species of nuisance flies including house flies (Musca domestica), flesh flies (Sarcophaga spp.), blow flies (Calliphoridae family), lesser house flies (Fannia canicularis) and horse flies (Tabanidae family). Mr Broadbent reports that Ensystex has seen great results in trapping European wasps (Vespula germanica) too and will be doing further trials with this species this season.

Fly-Free provides clients with direct proof of a fly management program’s success. The number of flies caught can be easily observed to confirm the traps are working and highlight the extent of the fly problem. Results can be reviewed to determine whether additional traps or measures are required to further reduce the fly problem.