The ClearOut range from Sherwood Chemicals was devised to equip pest managers with three straightforward, effective products that can tackle high pest pressure in commercial situations. 

With a wide variety of products on the market, it can be difficult to decide which products to choose for a particular job. It may be tempting to try a number of products, but the last thing a pest manager wants is to have a chemical store full of products that have been used only once. At least when it comes to commercial pest control, Sherwood Chemicals has streamlined the decision-making process.

Sherwood Chemicals has developed the ClearOut range of high quality, easy to apply products that have been designed specifically for use in commercial situations. The ClearOut range comprises three cost- effective products – an aerosol, a bait and a foam – that deliver excellent results when applied correctly.

Success in controlling pests in a commercial account comes from having the co-operation of staff onsite at the premises and a thorough investigation by the technician. Once the pest species has been identified, treatment can begin.

ClearOut has been designed and formulated to assist technicians in controlling the crawling insects typically found in commercial situations, such as cockroaches and ants. Cockroaches, namely German cockroaches (Blattella germanica), are a high priority pest. ClearOut Crawling Insect Aerosol has been formulated with the slow acting and highly effective active ingredient fipronil, chosen for is extremely low loading rate and its proven track record.

The key to successfully treating cockroaches in kitchens is to find their harbourages. Places to look and apply the aerosol would include under benches, cutlery trolley wheels, under fridges, cracks where sink pipes enter walls or floors and splashbacks to name a few. ClearOut aerosol was designed for these jobs – the Rambo nozzle head is an easy to use ip up nozzle that allows accurate application into cracks, crevices and hard to reach places.

ClearOut aerosol has been designed to deliver a quick knockdown when applied directly to a cockroach. However, the fipronil residual left on the surface delivers the additional benefit of residual control – insects walking across treated surfaces will die within hours, helping to control adults and nymphs until the next treatment.

As ClearOut Crawling Insect Aerosol is non-repellent, it can be used to great effect alongside any number of cockroach baits. As part of the ClearOut range, Sherwood has formulated its own unique bait matrix with fipronil as the active ingredient.

ClearOut Crawling Insect Aerosol

“ClearOut Cockroach Bait uses fipronil, a tried and tested active ingredient, but it is the bait matrix that is the most important part of the formulation,” explained Elton Arderne, business development manager for Sherwood Chemicals. “Designing a bait matrix that is soft and palatable was the key focus of the chemists in our Thailand development centre. Testing was undertaken in many local restaurants, where pest pressure from cockroaches is extremely high – and we had great success.”

ClearOut Cockroach Bait

Mr Arderne advised that for best results with ClearOut Cockroach Bait, pest managers should use small dots in multiple areas, as over application can be messy and unproductive.

The third product in the range, ClearOut Probiotic Drain Foam, not only delivers significant performance benefits to a treatment program, but offers a way to inject some additional pro t into commercial jobs. Sherwood’s probiotic foam is an effective maintenance product that digests fat, oils, grease, sludge, and other organic matter that attracts crawling and flying insects.

ClearOut Probiotic Drain Foam

After rinsing the drain with warm water, the foam can be applied to the walls of the drain. The probiotic bacteria will create enzymes within 15-20 minutes, tackling the organic matter and leaving the drain clear and odour- free. For best results the treatment should take place when the drain is not in use.

Mr Arderne added, “Drains are an area that more often than not get forgotten about. Our multi-purpose foam is an environmentally friendly option, as it has a biological as opposed to a chemical mode of action. By using it as a maintenance tool, pest managers can easily make a few extra dollars by offering this service as an add-on to a standard treatment.”

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