Maintaining your spray equipment is not just good practice, but can help save money in the long term, too. 

Most chemicals leave residues in tanks, hoses, filters and nozzles, and even small amounts of residues can carry over to the next job. Residues can cause blocked filters, equipment erosion and uneven spray patterns.

With the high cost of delays, incorrect application rate or spray patterns and call backs, taking the time to use the right tank and equipment cleaner will translate to real savings and reduce lost time for technicians.

Clean spray equipment works reliably for longer, and with the cost of new equipment and spare parts, a simple clean-out using All Clear DS will keep money in your pocket.

All Clear DS is the one tank and equipment cleaner that really works. With three-way action, All Clear DS contains:

  • Surfactants to physically remove residues and stop them from re-sticking
  • Sequestrants to lock up residues and improve rinse out
  • Detergents to solubilise and break down residues.

All products on the All Clear DS target list have been laboratory pre-tested for percentage residue removal. No two products behave the same in the spray tank and lines, and All Clear DS is the one tank and equipment cleaner that works across a wide range of target products. Even very sticky formulations are removed more effectively by All Clear DS than by anything else.

From a pest manager’s perspective, All Clear DS is not a Dangerous Good, so is easy to store, handle and transport. It does not contain ammonia and chlorine so can be used on equipment made of brass and stainless steel.

There are no shelf-life constraints so there is no need to carry a wide range of Dangerous Goods alternatives such as ammonia and chlorine that simply don’t keep for long.

Can you really afford to take the risk of not using All Clear DS – the tank and equipment cleaner that makes dollars and sense?

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