Two new products join the Seclira range. 

When Seclira WSG Insecticide was launched in 2018, BASF predicted that pest managers could see it as an opportunity to reduce the number of products they used on standard callouts. Instead of carrying a range of more specialised solutions, they could use Seclira as a convenient, effective, all-round solution for general insect control.

“After years of mainly relying on synthetic pyrethroids, this was a new product that could easily become the preferred choice in most circumstances,” said Dr David Elmouttie, technical development specialist at BASF.  That prediction was based on two things: the user- friendliness of Seclira WSG and its broad label.

“Seclira WSG is a non-staining, broad-spectrum general insect control product that can be used indoors as well as outside,” Dr Elmouttie explained. “It mixes into a clear solution that looks like water and only leaves a mark on surfaces where water would too, so it can be used in a lot of sensitive situations where other products can’t.”

Now the Seclira range has expanded to make it more practical and convenient to deal with the most common insect control problems using the same innovative active ingredient. At this year’s AEPMA Conference, BASF launched two new products: Seclira Pressurised Insecticide and Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait.

Seclira Pressurised Insecticide (PI) shares the benefits of the Water Soluble Granule (WSG) formulation that was launched last year. Pest managers will be able to use it for smaller jobs that don’t justify the mixing of a full tank and also for precise application into cracks and crevices.

Like Seclira WSG, Seclira PI dries clear and is non- staining, which is a major advantage according to Dr Elmouttie. “Its non-staining quality provides pest managers with greater exibility in relation to where they use it. “But the most important advantage is that it doesn’t repel the target pests like ants, cockroaches and bed bugs. So they are unaware they’ve come into contact with it and – in the case of social insects – can pass it on to the rest of the colony. It’s the same ‘Genuine transfer effect’ technology most pest managers will recognise from using Termidor.”

The second new product, Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait, is a unique formulation that contains a near-field attractant for flies. Dr Elmouttie believes Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait has the potential to change the industry’s approach to fly baits and make them a much more common alternative to residual sprays.

“This is the first ready-to-spray fly bait on the market, so it’s a more convenient solution for pest managers to use even before factoring in the advantages it shares with the other Seclira products – there’s no off-putting smell and it dries clear – so it can be used in more sensitive areas than the baits people have been mixing themselves or putting out as granules,” said Dr Elmouttie.

“Both the active ingredient and the attractant provide quick knockdown and are powerful enough that it doesn’t have to be used in large quantities or over large areas. Simply apply in bands or as a spot treatment and it will go on attracting and controlling the fies within the target area for up to six weeks. That makes it very cost- effective as well.”

Dr Elmouttie and the BASF team see the launch of the two new products in the Seclira range as an opportunity for pest managers to start moving away from their previous reliance on synthetic pyrethroids. “Customers who already appreciate the benefits of using the Seclira technology may be pleased to know that the introduction of a new mode of action also means more effective control of pest populations that have developed resistance to older treatments,” he added.

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