BASF announces not one, but two new products, which have been introduced to pest managers via a series of seminars held across the country. 

Pest control operators around Australia are getting their hands on the next generation Termidor technology – Termidor Dry and Termidor Foam, as well as a new Goliath liquid ant bait. These innovations by global chemical company BASF, will provide pest control operators with new professional options.

Termidor Foam

At a series of launch events across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in November, the BASF pest control team led by commercial manager Stewart Paterson, presented the benefits of the new products.

“We were really impressed with the turnout across the three venues. Despite their work commitments, pest professionals were still keen to find out about our new products and get on board early,” said Mr Paterson.

One of the highlights of the event involved Dr David Elmouttie, the team’s technical specialist (main picture, above) conducting an on-site experiment to show how Termidor Foam expands and holds in place. The new foam, which can be applied through BASF’s specially modified System III, has been specifically formulated as a long lasting, dry foam, so it doesn’t turn to liquid like conventional foams.

Termidor Foam demonstration

“This is an industry changing improvement. Foaming is not new, but this is by far the right way to foam – to deliver more effective control, the first time,” claimed Dr Elmouttie.

“The unsurpassed 30:1 expansion ratio ensures that Termidor Foam will work through intricate termite workings and carton material without dissipating and turning to water like some other foams.

“Termidor Foam has been specifically designed with 0.05 g/kg of fipronil, to ensure the product does not kill too quickly, to allow the powerful Termidor ‘Transfer effect’ to go to work. This means that Termidor Foam will be highly effective for stage one colony elimination when treating termite nests in and off structure, bivouacs, baiting stations or other areas with termite activity.”

The launch event also included the launch of Termidor Dry, the first termiticide and insecticide to be formulated with the revolutionary BASF patented ‘Microllose’ carrier, which is promoted by BASF to improve flowability and increase product palatability.

“The new ‘Microllose’ carrier in Termidor Dry is less hydrophilic (water attracting) than other carriers such as talc, cellulose or alpha-cellulose, which ensures improved flow through damp termite galleries and workings, minimising clogging. ‘Microllose’ also provides a highly palatable food source, more so than timber itself,”

“The ‘Microllose’ advantage results in Termidor Dry not only being an incredible contact termiticide with increased flowability, but also a highly palatable food source, ensuring Termidor Dry quickly controls termites and is transferred among termites via the Termidor ‘Transfer effect’.”

The launch event also introduced the new Goliath liquid ant bait. The new formulation, rich in sugar and containing fipronil, is designed to be highly attractive to carbohydrate feeding ants.

“The irresistible formulation, which can remain attractive over an extended period, is designed to ensure foraging ants are unable to detect the powerful insecticide active. The high palatability results in rapid uptake and transfer back to the nest, to feed the entire colony through the communal food sharing behaviour of trophallaxis. Coupled with the trusted Goliath ‘Transfer effect’ characteristics, this leads to unsurpassed colony control,” said Dr Elmouttie.

Mr Paterson was very pleased with the feedback from the attendees. “One sentiment that seemed a common theme, was that pest managers were pleased to see BASF delivering the innovation we had been talking about – ‘It’s what we expect from BASF’.

“We would like to thank the pest managers for their time and we can promise a lot more to come in 2016.”

Termidor Foam, Termidor Dry and Goliath liquid ant bait are the newest innovations in a long line of products brought to Australia by BASF.

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