Attrathor insecticide is now approved for use against ants, making it a versatile liquid bait for pest managers’ toolkits.

Ensystex has announced that their top selling liquid bait for cockroaches, Attrathor Targeted Insecticide, is now also registered for the control of ants, both indoors and outside.

Steve Broadbent, regional director for Ensystex advises, “This broadens the opportunities for professional pest managers to use this unique technology. It ensures professionals have a total solution giving the most effective control of all species of ants and cockroaches indoors; plus Attrathor can be used externally for problem ant jobs.

“Attrathor contains two different micro-capsules. One capsule contains a highly attractive plant sourced attractant that draws the insects to the target zone (where the product is applied); and the other contains the deadly killing agent that quickly kills the insects. This is why Attrathor delivers improved efficacy compared to that of gel baits and other sprays.”

Attrathor contains both Quick-release Insect Attractant Micro-capsules along with Controlled-release Active Micro-capsules

Attrathor has revolutionised cockroach control and is now set to do the same for ant control. Attrathor is quick and easy to apply, and is much cheaper than using gel baits. This translates through to significant cost savings for professional pest managers, as well as improved control standards with fewer call backs.

The 5μm Quick-release Insect Attractant Micro-capsules are the bait component. These contain the liquid food attractant within a polymer matrix. These micro-capsules immediately start to release the attractant, quickly luring the cockroaches or ants to the Attrathor Target Zone.

“Attrathor’s superior kill arises from the 35–55μm Controlled-release Active Micro-capsules which contain the liquid fipronil. The fine polymer shell of these micro- capsules is pressurised by tiny bubbles of CO2 contained within the liquid fipronil. This means that when the cockroach or ant makes contact, the micro-capsules burst open, dosing them with fipronil, which is then absorbed directly through the cuticle.

“Attrathor uniquely provides both contact and oral kill of ants and cockroaches since the insects are lured to the Target Zone, where, due to Attrathor’s non-repellent chemistry, they remain totally unaware of its presence. Death occurs either through contact action – as the fipronil passes into the cockroach through the cuticle when the micro-capsules burst; or stomach action – as the ants and cockroaches consume the micro-capsules laced with fipronil. The ‘Viral Transfer Effect’ occurs when, through grooming, the cockroaches pass the Active Micro-capsules on to other cockroaches; or ants take them back to the colony.”

Mr Broadbent concluded by noting, “The science behind Attrathor supports what so many professional pest managers are finding in the field; this is simply the most effective product on the market for the control of cockroaches and ants, in the toughest of control situations. It is quick to apply, starts to work within hours, eliminates the pests and keeps on killing for several months – and all for less money than other bait or liquid options. We regularly hear reports from top companies that the time period between the application of Attrathor and good results has been as short as a couple of hours!”

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