Sundew Solutions welcomes another product to its range in the form of TaserPro 800 WP.

Sundew Solutions is pleased to announce the release of its latest new product TaserPro 800 WP – a non-repellent insecticide for bed bugs and a wide variety of other insect pests.

Sundew TaserPro 800WP Insecticide (800g/kg bendiocarb) is a residual broad spectrum non-repellent product for the control of bed bugs and a wide range of insect pests in domestic, industrial, commercial and public service buildings.

“TaserPro contains the powerful active ingredient bendiocarb (Group 1A insecticide) in a highly concentrated, wettable powder formulation,” commented David Priddy, director of Sundew Solutions.

TaserPro has an extensive label, approved for the treatment of ants, bedbugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, silverfish, millipedes, European wasps, flies (common housefly, stable fly, brown blowfly, European green blowfly, and lesser housefly), seed harvesting ants, and black beetle.

“TaserPro has the broadest insect label claims of any non-repellent product on the market, making TaserPro an essential tool in the professional pest manager’s arsenal.

“Application is easy as TaserPro contains an inbuilt wetting agent, which works on porous and non-porous surfaces, without need to handle different products.

“TaserPRO has long lasting activity, as bendiocarb is photo-stable and will not be absorbed by porous surfaces, thus enhancing particle availability to be contacted by insects. Being a wettable powder with a distribution of larger sized particles, it also has excellent residual action for longer pest eradication.

“The larger particle size makes TaserPRO ideal for application onto concrete and brickwork where bed bugs may cross in their search of a human host.”

“TaserPRO is also highly effective against a broad range of fly species and that the addition of 50 grams of sugar dissolved into a tank mix also converts TaserPro into a very effective fly bait,” added Mr Priddy.

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