Liphatech offers a quick, no-fuss solution for keeping spray equipment clean and in top condition. 

When it comes to removing damaging residues from pest managers’ spraying equipment, All Clear DS is a simple, cost-effective way to protect high value spraying equipment, ensuring that each job is carried out correctly.

Gone are the days where pest managers were required to mix and match different decontamination products such as a washing powder, pool chlorine or ammonia to clean their spray gear. However, there remains a high level of confusion amongst pest managers about which decontamination and cleaning product to use.

“All Clear DS is mixed with water to create an easy, ready to use cleaning solution that cuts through the confusion, and provides a single solution,” said Gavin Wilson, technical and marketing manager for Liphatech.

In the absence of proper cleaning practices, chemical residues tend to build up in tanks, filters and spray nozzles. This can lead to corrosion damage to equipment and can cause chemicals to be applied at inaccurate rates, resulting in product wastage. Cross-contamination of chemicals is also a possibility. “Poor performing equipment not only compromises the quality of a pest manager’s work, but also impacts on financial performance,” said Mr Wilson.

John Murden from Arafura Pest Control, NT, shared his experience of using of All Clear DS. “We have a split tank setup for the use of repellent and non-repellent chemicals on our all pest managers’ vehicles. We have always maintained good housekeeping of our equipment and flushed out our vehicle spray tanks, hand-held and backpack spraying equipment regularly with water,” said Mr Murden.

“In using All Clear DS we have found this product very easy to use as it is a liquid product and works great in creating a very clean flush out. We find it removes any residual build up inside the spray tanks and hoses, and also ensures we have clean filters and spray nozzles.”

John Murden (right) and Daniel Murden of Arafura Pest Control

Regular, effective cleaning of all high value spraying equipment will ensure it performs at its peak, which is best achieved by using a cleaning solution developed specifically for the purpose.

Mr Murden continued, “At times, we have bought some quality second-hand spraying equipment for the pest managers’ vehicles. However, we make sure we ush out the complete tank and spraying system with All Clear DS before the vehicle is mobilised. This gives me great confidence that the entire spraying system is clean and ready to go, ensuring there is no cross-contamination, and our professional level of quality service is maintained.”

All Clear DS is a balanced liquid formulation containing sequestrants, surfactants and detergents and has been proven in both the laboratory and in the eld to be a very effective product for the decontamination and cleaning of spraying equipment. It has a unique three-way mode of action, which not only removes residues from spraying equipment, but then solubilises them for easy removal. All Clear DS contains no ammonia or chlorine, making it non- corrosive and suitable for use on all spraying equipment. It also has the added bonus of a long shelf life.

Mr Murden concluded, “We will continue to use All Clear DS to professionally clean the inside of our tanks, hand-held sprayers and backpack units as it gives me confidence that all of our spray equipment is delivering peak performance.”

All Clear DS is available from Garrards and Agserv.

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