Featuring an insect growth regulator, Sumilarv G is an effective way to control mosquitoes and flies. 

Sumitomo Chemical recently launched the latest innovation in mosquito control, Sumilarv Granular Insect Growth Regulator. Sumilarv G can be used to control the larvae of mosquitoes, midges and flies that breed in non-natural water bodies such as rainwater tanks, artificial containers, sewerage systems and other areas where these insects breed.

The active ingredient in Sumilarv G is pyriproxifen, an insect growth regulator, which interferes with the insects’ juvenile hormonal balance and stops larvae pupating and hence prevents them developing into adults. As pyriproxifen only affects insects, it is considered non-toxic to humans and is approved for use in drinking water by the World Health Organisation Sumilarv G is conveniently packed into 0.5g teabag sachets making treatment very simple – no measuring or weighing. Professional pest managers now have an easy to use solution to a range of mosquito and fly problems.

Charles McClintock, business development manager from Sumitomo Chemical has been very pleased with the response to Sumilarv G.

“In a very short period of time, Sumilarv G has captured the attention of many professional pest managers keen to provide their customers with a quick and easy solution to aquatic breeding mosquitoes and flies. A few sachets strategically placed in water fountains, bird baths, flooded roof gutters, pot plant trays, sullage pits and stormwater sumps provides lasting control of not only biting mosquitoes, but other nuisance species that breed in standing water.

“In fact, professional pest managers are amazingly innovative in finding new ways to use the product. Sumilarv G has already been used as a solution to midge flies (fungus gnats) breeding in compost and pot plants and very recently for the control of drain flies in self-contained sewerage units.”

“Sumilarv G is the simplest way to provide a long lasting reduction in mosquito populations. Simply drop one or more sachets into the breeding site and the controlled release granules slowly release the insect growth regulator into the water. For difficult situations such as heavily polluted water or where longer control is required, simply drop a few extra bags into the water. Trials have shown that more bags will provide extended control.”

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