Culithor from Ensystex targets mosquitoes using an IGR delivered in microcapsule form. 

Regional director for Ensystex, Steve Broadbent, has announced the launch of Culithor Granular Mosquito Growth Regulator, which employs Ensystex’s ground breaking Intelligent Granular Microencapsulation Technology to provide long-term prevention of adult mosquito emergence.

Mr Broadbent explained, “This smart technology involves coating a grain of sand with a layer of carbon and gypsum containing Ensystex’s Controlled Release Active Micro- capsules (CRAM-capsules). The CRAM-capsules are 5.5μm in diameter and consist of a natural chitosan shell protecting a liquid core of the active ingredient, (S)-methoprene. The outer chitosan shell is non-digestible by mammals, which provides further safety to non-target organisms.

“In water, the Culithor granules sink to the bottom, weighed down by their inner high mass core (sand). The outer gypsum layer then slowly dissolves, gradually releasing the CRAM-capsules. The CRAM-capsules take several days to slowly float to the surface. This occurs due to elution as the (S)-methoprene is slowly liberated from the capsules, thus ensuring a more even delivery of the active throughout the water together with improved long-term control of mosquito larvae. It also ensures that Culithor targets both surface-feeding and bottom-feeding species.”

Mr Broadbent emphasised that, “Culithor also works very differently than other products since it employs a Double Trigger Release Mechanism. The first trigger, water release, refers to the fact that it has to be activated by contact with water. Only then will the outer gypsum layer slowly dissolve to release the Controlled Release Active Micro-capsules.

Culithor can be added directly to the water where the mosquitoes are breeding, or can be applied prior to flooding by rain or tides

“The second trigger refers to how the CRAM-capsules slowly release the active ingredient by elution as they rise to the surface to provide for a more even distribution of the active and improved long-term control. Culithor’s Double Trigger Release Mechanism can lead to effective control over several months.”

Culithor can be used in freshwater swamps and marshes, salt and freshwater lagoons, salt marshes, mangrove swamps, estuarine areas, woodland pools, or any natural water- holding features; in both open water situations or where water is obscured by vegetation. In fact, it can be used any place where mosquito breeding is a problem.

Culithor can be added directly to the water where the mosquitoes are breeding, or it can be added to the ground or container prior to flooding by rain or tides. In the latter instance it will not be triggered into action until the water floods over it. Since the CRAM-capsules are protected by a carbon-based UV-filter, Culithor remains viable for up to three months, even in strong sunlight. Only when the waters flood over it will it be activated.

Culithor contains 12 g/kg (S)- methoprene, three times as much as any other granular product. This means you use two-thirds less, which provides savings on time, manpower and transport.

Culithor works by mimicking the presence of natural juvenile hormone in the mosquito larvae. Consequently, Culithor prevents the emergence
of adult mosquitoes, including common Aedes, Anopheles, Culex and Ochlerotatus spp. at treated sites. Treated larvae continue to develop normally to the pupal stage, after which they fail to emerge as adults.

Culithor has sufficient activity to be effective against existing broods when applied to any larval stage at recommended rates. Third and fourth larval instars are more susceptible to the effects of (S)-methoprene than early stage instars. Culithor has no effect on mosquitoes that have reached the pupal or adult stage of development at time of treatment.

Culithor granules have a grain of sand coated with a layer of carbon and gypsum containing CRAM-capsules. The CRAM-capsules consist of a natural chitosan shell protecting a liquid core of the active ingredient, (S)-methoprene

Culithor can be applied with conventional ground or aerial application equipment with the high mass core of the Culithor Intelligent Granules ensuring targeted delivery, even in adverse weather conditions.

Mr Broadbent concluded, “Ensystex has positioned itself at the forefront of product development and innovation in Australia. Culithor follows on with this tradition along with the other recent launches of Attrathor Targeted Insecticide, with its dual micro-encapsulation system consisting of Quick Release Attractant Microcapsules and Controlled Release Active Micro-capsules; and also the Blended Active Technology uniquely employed in Bithor Dual Action Insecticide with its exclusive combination of bifenthrin and imidacloprid. Ensystex is committed to further innovation in support of our professional pest manager clients.”

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