Sumitomo Chemical has a number of exciting product developments in the pipeline. 

Sumitomo Chemical is a key player in the global public health market, supplying a range of products used in vector management. These include the Olyset mosquito net and its newer generation derivatives, Olyset Plus and Olyset Duo, which are used for foreign aid based programs in poorer parts of the world. Together with various pyrethroid-based space sprays and larval control products based on the IGR pyriproxyfen. Sumitomo have a significant mosquito control portfolio.

Through its subsidiary, Valent Biosciences Corporation (VBC), the company is the industry leader in biorational products for larval control of mosquitoes based on the microbe Bacillus thuringiensis israeliensis (Bti). The recent acquisition of MGK brings to the table further vector management tools. Sumitomo Chemical, together with its subsidiaries VBC and MGK, has a strong pipeline of new products for use in vector management to be introduced over the next few years.

Here in Australia, Sumitomo Chemical, through its distributors Garrards and Pacific Biologics, supplies the lions share of Bti products for local council-sponsored mosquito control, under the brand names, Vectobac, Vectolex and Teknar.

“At a local level, we are also focussed on the development and introduction of new tools for mosquito management. These include two new developments in the final stages of registration with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA),” commented Garry Webb, general manager, Sumitomo Professional Products.

“Sumilarv 5G, a slow release granule containing pyriproxyfen has been developed for use against freshwater mosquito species, non-biting midges and drain flies breeding in a range of habitats including potable water tanks, temporary breeding ponds and polluted water environments.”

“The second exciting development is an impregnated resin mesh device containing the volatile pyrethroid, metofluthrin. The active ingredient is slowly released from the resin causing death to mosquitoes at extremely low concentrations in the air.”

Over the next few years, these upcoming products and other developments in the pipeline will enhance the range of vector management tools available to both pest managers and government authorities.

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