A unique Australian product that targets mosquitoes is gaining traction in several global markets. 

Aquatain AMF liquid mosquito film – a unique Australian product – has kicked some big goals recently, having been granted a formal exemption from registration in the European Union. This is a landmark event in the global rollout of the product, which is now approved for sale in 55 countries across all continents. Further approvals are in the pipeline.

Aquatain AMF is a silicone-based liquid, which spreads across the surface of standing water, forming a very thin film. The low surface tension of the film prevents mosquito larvae and pupae from attaching at the surface to breathe, causing them to drown. It also acts to prevent females from laying eggs on the treated surface, possibly because they sense that their eggs would not float. The action of the product is entirely physical, and it does not contain any toxic chemicals.

As silicones are inert, the film remains intact for four weeks or longer.

Aquatain AMF is the first new mainstream mosquito control product to be introduced to the market for many years, and it is unique because of its physical action.

“It is receiving strong interest because it has two main advantages over traditional mosquito control products. Firstly, there is increasing concern about the environmental aspects of toxic chemicals; and secondly, mosquitoes are becoming resistant to commonly used insecticides,” commented Graham Strachan, director of Aquatain Products in Melbourne.

“Aquatain AMF does not have any negative environmental issues and mosquitoes cannot develop a resistance to it.”

Mr Strachan has made several international presentations over the past 12 months and will be making presentations at pest control conferences in Turkey and in Abu Dhabi during the next few months.

With mosquito problems affecting almost every country around the world (including unlikely countries such as Sweden and Canada), the company has appointed licensees to manufacture and market it in the different regions.

So far, licensees cover about one-third of the world, and discussions are underway with additional partners.

An interesting variation of the product has also been developed. DengueDrops (also called MalariaDrops, depending on the specific market) are water-soluble capsules that dissolve when dropped into small water containers and release a small quantity of Aquatain AMF to spread across the surface. They are ideal for widespread distribution to the general public in affected countries and are expected to be approved for sale in Australia next year.

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