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The Vectothor range of electronic fly units from Ensystex has undergone some innovative changes.

Ensystex are excited to announce four significant developments to their popular Vectothor range of electronic fly killers, including two new products.

The first new product is the Peregrine 3, which is an adaption of the highly popular Osprey model. Terry Atkins, Ensystex business development manager explained this development.

“One of the fastest moving lines of electronic fly killers globally are units with 3x15W lamps. To meet this consumer demand we have added the all-new Peregrine 3 to our range. The Peregrine 3 takes its European design elements from our best selling 2x15W Osprey model. This new design employs all the preferred benefits of our Vectothor range, including our exclusive Philips long-life lamp. This is the only lamp to provide two years guaranteed performance, delivering up to twice as much light as any other lamp on the market.”

The new Ensystex Peregrine 3

At the same time Ensystex have upgraded the existing Peregrine trap (main picture, above). “We have improved the louvres of the existing Peregrine model to provide a more rugged, yet modern and attractive finish. It also retains its unique ‘Heat trap technology’. Many companies also like this model, as the dead flies are not visible.”

Their second new product is a totally new model – the Sparrowhawk. “The Sparrowhawk is a beautifully styled model designed for use in smaller areas. It is designed to look attractive and discrete in environments such as patient waiting rooms, restaurants and even homes. This model features an 8W lamp and gives 360° protection in areas up to 15 square metres.

The all-new Ensystex Sparrowhawk

“The Sparrowhawk is designed to contain any insect particles, avoiding particle related health issues in patrons. This is particularly valuable with people who have diagnosed lung conditions such as asthma or bronchitis and in the prevention of food borne diseases.”

All models are RoHS compliant, acc. IEC 60.335-259 accredited and come with temperature optimised glue boards.

Ensystex have also introduced their new 15W Astron Shatter-proof UV-A lamp. This German-made precision lamp is produced exclusively for Ensystex and uses state-of-the-art technology, including a shatterproof coating from DuPont. This 12 month high performance lamp is guaranteed to survive a four metre drop! Priced competitively to beat all other lamps on the market, it is sure to enlighten the market.

For more details contact your Ensystex sales representative or visit the Ensystex website.