An Environmentally Sound Solution for Flying Insect Control

An LED UV light trap is a sleek, modern solution for fly control in busy commercial environments.

In the ever-evolving landscape of pest control, embracing environmentally sound and eco-friendly practices becomes more important as customers demand ‘greener’ solutions to their pest problems. Flying insect control poses a particular challenge.

Traditional methods of fly control, often reliant on chemical interventions, carry adverse consequences for the environment: contamination of water and soil, harm to beneficial insects, and threats to biodiversity. Beyond environmental concerns, there are significant health implications for humans and animals associated with conventional pest control such as skin and eye irritation, fatigue, and respiratory issues (if the correct protocols are not strictly followed).

For fly control, the first step towards adopting a more eco-friendly approach is to look at non-chemical methods of control. Advise customers about the need for having a well-kept property, and address entry points such as open doors, windows, and cracks.

The second step is to install eco-friendly pest solutions, such as LED UV fly traps. LED fly traps offer numerous advantages: lower health risks, enhanced safety for humans and animals, cost-effectiveness, and minimal environmental impact. Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights convert 40-50% of their energy into light and only 5% is wasted as heat; this is all while still using far less power to provide a strong and consistent output at a lower wattage. Less energy usage is better for the environment and the customer’s pocket.

PestWest offers a range of UV LED fly traps. Unlike fluorescent fly traps (that use lights that need to be changed annually), the mercury-free LED tubes of the PestWest range of LED traps only need replacing every three years.

Using a UV LED fly trap from a high-quality manufacturer also gives the benefit of additional ratings and approvals. Currently, PestWest is the only manufacturer offering an LED fly control unit with an IP66 rating (the Chameleon Qualis IP X, pictured above). This is a measure of how well an enclosure can keep out foreign objects and liquids. In this case, it means that the enclosure is completely dust free and can resist water projected from high-pressure water jets, so the units can be installed in areas that are subject to regular hosepipe cleaning or jet washing. The smaller lamp holders used (compared to the previous model) have also allowed for a slimmer, more appealing trap design.


Chameleon EXG electronic fly killer
The Chameleon EXG is a custom designed unit that has been exclusively engineered to allow protection in areas where gas and vapour are present, such as distilleries and in the pharmaceutical industry


Eco-friendly insect light traps are gaining traction as a sustainable alternative to traditional methods of flying insect control. These traps not only effectively control pests but also aim to set a lower carbon footprint, contributing to a safer environment without compromising efficacy – a value PestWest strongly believes in.

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