New to the Australian market, the BelaCron range of fly control products offers pest managers the option of using the active ingredient azamethiphos. 

For many commercial businesses, fly management is the top priority. Management and control of fly populations can be a simple, low-cost process if effective chemical control is integrated as part of sound management practices. A key to success is resistance management, the use of different active ingredients as part of a planned rotation. The arrival of the BelaCron product range on the Australian market means pest managers who service commercial and industrial accounts have another weapon in the fight against flies: the active ingredient azamethiphos.

The housefly (musca domestica) is the most common of all flies found throughout the world and is responsible for the transmission of least 65 different diseases, including anthrax, cholera, dysentery, leprosy, tuberculosis, and typhoid fever. The most common pathogens transmitted by houseflies are Salmonella and the bacterium E. coli, which are linked to food poisoning, not to mention the ongoing nuisance factor associated with a burgeoning fly population. In Australia, flies cost the agricultural sector in excess of $14 billion dollars annually from contamination or lost production.

A fly infestation is very bad for business. Fast knockdown is essential, as is the rotation of actives to manage growing resistance to synthetic pyrethroids.

The BelaCron product range is manufactured by Pacific Biologics, a company that specialises in mosquito control, primarily through public health channels. In recent years, the company has been working hard to secure registration for alternative actives for their key markets in the vector control industry, which has resulted in the release of this new product line.

“Pacific Biologics is pleased to announce the arrival of the BelaCron range of products for the control of flies and crawling insects, comprising BelaCron 500WP (wettable powder), BelaCron 100WP and BelaCron Flybait. The arrival of the BelaCron product range heralds the first time azamethiphos has been available for use in Australia in over a decade after all registrations were permitted to lapse due to a commercial decision by the previous distributor,” said Mark Jones, business development manager for Pacific Biologics.

“All products have secured APVMA registration for use in livestock housing. Belacron 500WP is registered for use in commercial buildings, refuse tips and anywhere control is required in accordance with the table of use. A potent knockdown with 28 day residual activity, this product range is now available for use by the pest control industry for effective rotational use of synthetic pyrethroids.

“A good quality, residual knockdown product allows for rotational use of current actives, which provides longevity in the use of products pest managers use for fly and crawling insect control. More importantly, it successfully eliminates the pest problem for the customer.”

The BelaCron product range is now available directly from exclusive Australian distributor, Pacific Biologics.

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