The addition of Sumilarv to any flea treatment will boost the performance, providing long lasting protection and reduce call backs.

Despite the wide range of insecticides on the market, flea treatments remain a service with increased risk of call backs. This is partly due to the flea life-cycle and the challenge of penetrating the flea pupae, and partly due to the need to ensure all infested areas are treated. However, there is a cheap way to boost the performance of your flea treatments and increase the duration of protection.

There are a wide range of products for flea control on the market – not only the traditional pyrethroids, but also the newer non-repellents on the market such as Seclira and the dual active products such as Temprid and Demand Duo. However, flea treatments using any of these products will benefit from the inclusion of an insect growth regulator, such as Sumilarv.

Although an insect growth regulator, Sumilarv does more than just “break the breeding cycle”. It is now known that pyriproxyfen, the active in Sumilarv, affects all life stages of the flea and actually kills the flea larvae. There are two key attributes that make Sumilarv beneficial in flea treatments; firstly pyriproxyfen is active at extremely low doses, and secondly, it is a very stable molecule, even when exposed to sunlight.

Sumilarv is active on all flea life stages including the larvae

The challenge with any flea treatment is getting enough of the treatment down to the base of the carpet where the ea larvae reside. As a result, the adulticides don’t always achieve 100% kill of the larvae. But by including Sumilarv, with its potency at very low levels, even with minute amounts of spray reaching the base of the carpet, the chances of success are greatly increased.

The second challenge with a flea treatment is to ensure long lasting protection. Pyriproxyfen is both a stable molecule and active at low doses, meaning Sumilarv can provide protection from fleas for extended periods. Trials have shown pyriproxyfen still preventing over 90% control of flea egg hatch on carpet 12 months after treatment. And with its UV stability it boosts performance in outdoor areas where adulticides may break down in sunlight. The inclusion of Sumilarv thus ensures a long lasting flea treatment, giving you confidence to offer a warranty and giving your customer value for money.

Sumilarv can be mixed with all leading insecticides that target adult fleas

Although a mix and match treatment with an adulticide is the common use of Sumilarv, pest managers should not forget about the opportunity of using Sumilarv on its own. For customers who may be concerned about insecticide use around small children and even for customers who are confident they keep their on-pet flea treatments up to date, an application of Sumilarv on its own will be a long lasting, preventative treatment for fleas.

With its non-repellent characteristics, Sumilarv is compatible with all the common flea products on the market. So for less than an additional $9 per treatment (assuming 10L of spray), pest managers can mix and match Sumilarv with whichever insecticide they choose – providing a cheap and effective flea insurance policy.

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