The combination of lambda-cyhalothrin and a potent IGR results in a product that effectively controls all flea life stages. 

When it comes to flea control, the use of insect growth regulators in the spray mix is best practice. However, many pest managers don’t include IGRs either because they are unclear of the benefits they provide or just find it inconvenient to carry two products in the ute and mix them both in the spray mix. LambdaPlus from Sherwood Chemicals provides pest managers with a convenient and powerful solution – a dual active formulation combining a powerful knockdown and residual active, with a potent IGR.

LambdaPlus, a unique ZW formulation developed by Sherwood Chemicals, is a combination of lambda-cyhalothrin microcapsules and the IGR pyriproxyfen.

“LambdaPlus really is the V8 of insecticides,” said Elton Arderne, ANZ business manager for Sherwood Chemicals.

“The lambda-cyhalothrin microcapsules deliver both fast knockdown and long residual, and the pyriproxyfen breaks the flea life cycle, and with activity at extremely low levels, extends the residual performance further.”

As a juvenile hormone analogue IGR, pyriproxyfen does not kill adult insects but rather interferes with their growth and reproduction, breaking the breeding cycle. Pyriproxyfen mimics the natural juvenile hormone. By boosting the juvenile hormone, pyriproxyfen prevents insect development – eggs don’t hatch, larvae can’t develop, pupae don’t hatch and adults lay sterile eggs. With pyriproxyfen both long-lasting and active at very low concentrations, it can still provide population control long after residual insecticides may have degraded. The combination of pyrethroid and IGR in LambdaPlus makes it a highly effective tool to treat flea infestations.

But LambdaPlus is not just a flea treatment; its broad label means it can be used to treat all the common insect pests. And the benefit of IGR inclusion is not restricted just to flea treatments. It can impact any insect that undergoes metamorphosis and can be particularly effective in preventing successful moulting in cockroaches and sterilising adult females, making it a powerful tool in commercial cockroach control programs.

“With up to three months’ control outdoors and 12 months’ control indoors, pest managers can get all the benefits of IGR inclusion in their pest treatments without the hassle of carrying and mixing two products,” concluded Mr Arderne.