Using an IGR together with an adulticide product is the best method for achieving control of fleas. 

Successful flea control treatments require targeting all the life stages, but often the benefits of an insect growth regulator are overlooked. Steve Broadbent, Ensystex regional director, explains how pest professionals can boost their flea control programs using Exothor Insect Growth Regulator, which contains the unique active ingredient diflubenzuron.

“Exothor is presented as a water dispersible granule making it both easier and more practical to use. It can be used with pretty well any adulticide for improved flea control. Using the Ensystex measure jug, it is simple to measure out the dry granules with much less risk of spillage or splashback.

“Exothor inhibits the formation of N–acetylglucosamine, leading to reduced levels of chitin in the cuticle of the flea larvae. Cuticular elasticity and firmness are both directly affected. These imperfections in the cuticle become evident at ecdysis (moulting), leading to abortive moulting. As a result, Exothor causes the flea larvae to die before pupation and adult emergence, offering improved long-term control. In addition, Exothor stops normal embryonic development. Independent university trials showed Exothor was 100% effective in preventing flea development.

“Unlike some growth regulator products, diflubenzuron has been shown to be effective at stopping development of all three flea larval instar stages. Trial results have shown that with diflubenzuron, the larvae usually died during or immediately after moulting – often the larvae could not liberate themselves from the old cuticle.

“Exothor is usually combined with an adulticide and applied as a coarse spray to areas of infestation, focusing on cracks and crevices. Exothor will provide long-lasting effects in the prevention of adult emergence and break the flea breeding cycle.”

Mr Broadbent concluded by confirming that “Exothor is non-repellent and has a very high level of mammalian safety, making it a very worthwhile addition to the professional pest managers’ armoury.”

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