Adelaide pest manager Simon Jupe experienced a good result with German cockroaches after using Syngenta’s insecticide and cockroach gel bait.

Cockroaches are the pest that most restaurants fear and the one that can cause problems for pest managers. Not so for Simon Jupe of Hindmarsh Pest Control in Adelaide, who successfully dealt with a German cockroach problem at an Adelaide restaurant last Christmas. A result made possible with alternative control options from Syngenta.

Cockroaches at the restaurant had been treated on a weekly basis by another pest control company but had become such a problem that the restaurant had to be shut down.

Hindmarsh Pest Control were recommended to the owner and Mr Jupe took up the challenge.

“I conducted my first assessment at night time when the cockroaches were most active,” said Mr Jupe. “I turned the lights out and five minutes later used a torch to start my inspection for cockroaches. There was a cake display with at least forty cockroaches in it!”

Mr Jupe used Syngenta products – the non-repellent Arilon Insecticide to spray the internal perimeters and Advion Cockroach Gel in strategic areas near cockroach hiding places. As Arilon is non-repellent it can be used successfully in combination with Advion to deliver accelerated control.

The inspection and initial treatment was completed by 3am, and when the restaurant owners arrived at 7am, a large number of dead cockroaches were waiting to greet them! Although Arilon is slower acting than pyrethroids, its non-repellent nature and transfer properties make it ideal for German cockroach control and it was already starting to kick in.

Initially, subsequent inspections occurred on a fortnightly basis with applications of Advion and Arilon in combination. But the success of the treatment means the restaurant now only requires services every three months.

“The restaurant owner has recommended us to neighbouring shops and we now look after a group of clients in the area,” Mr Jupe said. “It has been an excellent success story.”

Mr Jupe said with Advion and Arilon he had the right products to fix the problems in a full range of commercial and domestic situations.

“I’ve got so many success stories and we just don’t get any failures. I just know that these products work.”

Not only do the non-repellent properties of Arilon allow it to be used in the same locations as cockroach baits, both products contain the insecticide indoxacarb. With its unique mode of action, these products are an ideal combination to tackle German cockroach problems in commercial accounts, especially when pyrethroid resistance is suspected.

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