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The combination of gel bait and insecticide powder gives excellent results on cockroaches, explains Elton Arderne of Sherwood Chemicals. 

As a company now recognised for being one of the major suppliers to the Australian pest manager, Sherwood Chemicals prides itself on the fact that it listens to what the customer requires and then with its dedicated team of professional formulation chemists, delivers on their requests.

This fact is no more evident than with the launch of its latest product offering for cockroach control, Ultraforce Cockroach Bait Gel.

“Our customers had indicated to us that they were observing a reduction in efficacy with the commonly applied cockroach gel baits,” said Elton Arderne, business development manager, Sherwood Australia.

“Usually this reduced efficacy has been attributed to the phenomena known as bait aversion or bait shyness. With this knowledge in mind, our formulation chemists set about developing a new bait matrix.”

Trialed under Australia’s most challenging environments for both German and American cockroach infestations, the excellent feeding acceptability of Ultraforce Cockroach Bait Gel has resulted in outstanding control being achieved.

The complete nature of the control has been attributed to the cascade effect of the active ingredient fipronil, particularly on German cockroach infestations, where in excess of 12 weeks control has been demonstrated under conditions of extreme cockroach pressure (Figures 1 and 2, above).

Combined with Ultraforce Cockroach Powder, Sherwood’s new gel completes the double non-repellent offering for effective cockroach control to the Australian pest manager.